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Eliminate Back Pain Forever - Know How Chiropractic Treatment Is Beneficial!

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Eliminate Back Pain Forever - Know How Chiropractic Treatment Is Beneficial!

If you are suffering from a constant back or neck pain that never seems to go away and disrupts your routine considerably, then you can consider chiropractic treatment option. Chiropractic care is a natural treatment of musculoskeletal disorders without any drugs or surgery. Chiropractors specialize in reshaping the spine, which changed from its original shape due to many reasons causing pain and inflammation. It is widely accepted a form of treatment in all developed countries like the USA, UK, etc. and gaining popularity in India especially in cases of back pain.

How do they treat?
After carefully listening to the patient, Chiropractors initiates the treatment on the specially designed table. Their palm and finger play a vital role in chiropractic treatment. They apply a light thrust on the affected area on the spine and gradually glide down until the end of the spine in the sacral region. This process actually helps to realign the spine by straightening it.

Chiropractors may massage on the soft tissue as well to ease out the pain. A chiropractor glides the pressure through the muscles of their patients, which gives a tremendous value-added benefit with a little time or effort on the chiropractor's part. The massaging action relaxes strained muscle surrounding the spine, which enhances patient satisfaction.

What is the duration?
Treatments generally take weeks for a permanent solution to the back pain. Initially the skilled professional may suggest you to for 2-3 visits within a week. Depending on the response, it may come down to once a week. Each session varies between 20 - 30 minutes under the expert's fingers. They keep on tracking the improvement level by comparing to the first visit. They are effective in Subacute back pain, Chronic Back Pain, and Neck Pain.

Are there any Contradictions?
Yes, people suffering from fractures, bone tumors, arthritis, infective bones & joints, osteoporosis, etc. should not be treated by Chiropractors. Screening process by the chiropractor at the first visit is to see whether you may be at high risk for these problems. Screening allows the chiropractors to identify stress points, misalignments and other issues related to back pain. It helps in reaching to the origin of pain and determine what treatment is necessary.

Any activities providing synergy to the treatment?
Spinal adjustments are most effective if combined with conventional therapies to treat back pain, which include:

  • Heat and cold therapies
  • Relaxing methods
  • Electrical stimulus
  • Promo block
  • Stretching Exercises
  • Educating the Patient

Chances of further aggravation in chiropractic treatment are low if performed by a trained practitioner. Further, if you have been under a chiropractor for long and your back pain isn’t improving its time to visit your family physician to find out if any other treatment option should be pursued, but in most cases, this procedure can provide relief on a long-term basis. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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