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Last Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Diaper Rash - Some Common Questions Regarding It?

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Dr. Niraj JainDermatologist • 15 Years Exp.MBBS, MD (D.V.L.)
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Here are a few questions which every new mother wants to know when they have a diaper rash:

1)Should the baby's diet be changed during a diaper rash?

Certain food items such as fruit juices can lead to diarrhea in babies. This can lead to a diaper rash. When new food is introduced or antibiotics are given then that might also affect the digestion.

2)Are teething and diaper rash related?

As per dermatologists, the two have nothing in common though they might occur at the same time.

3)What ointment should be used for diaper rash?

Ointments like zinc oxide can provide relief in diaper rash. A thick layer should be applied on the skin to keep away irritants. If all of it rubbed off then it might cause pain.

4)Are cloth diapers an alternative?

The fact is that there is no proof that a cloth diaper might be better than the other diaper in case of a rash. In case disposable diapers are used then care should be taken to change them frequently as rashes can occur due to a moist environment. If the baby is allergic to a particular brand then changing the same could prove to be helpful. Diapers induced with fragrances and dyes can cause allergic reactions. Babies who are allergic to disposable diapers can do better with cloth ones, though they should be changed frequently. The rule is one diaper per hour so the needful should be done.

5)Which wipes are best for a baby in case of a sore bottom?

In case of a diaper rash a mild, fragrant free wipe should be used. A product with minimum products should be used. Wipes which are labeled as hypoallergenic or sensitive skin should be used. 
If the baby poops then the baby should be cleaned with a cloth and water. A wet washcloth should be used and later some mineral oil should be applied on the bottoms.

6)What should be done if nappy rash extends to the other parts?

In case there are red spots and patches outside the nappy area then the baby might be suffering from infection. If this happens then consult your doctor.

7)What should be done to give relief to the baby?

The best thing to do is that the baby's bottom should get some air. Leave the baby without a diaper, as this gives his skin a break from the rubbing, and germs which might be present in wet places like a diaper. Application of zinc oxide pastes provides relief to a baby.

8)How long does the rash last?

Maximum 3 days.

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