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Last Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Diabetic Foot Surgery - Everything About It!

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Dr. Shrikant BhoyarDiabetic Foot Surgeon • 35 Years Exp.MS - General Surgery
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Diabetes is a big problem in India. In fact, around 8.7 per cent of the Indian population aged between 20 and 70 years is diabetic. Diabetes, in itself, is a difficult disease to live with, but additional complications from the condition add to the problem. Diabetic foot is one of the complications of diabetes.

What is diabetic foot?

People who suffer from diabetes do not produce sufficient insulin in the body or are immune to its effect. The constantly elevated levels of glucose in the body lead to several disorders. Diabetic foot is the harmful effect of prolonged diabetes on your feet. Two types of foot problems affect people suffering from diabetes, namely, peripheral vascular disease and diabetic neuropathy.

Even though non-surgical treatment for diabetic foot is possible, severe cases require surgical intervention. Here is a look at all you should know about diabetic foot surgery.

Surgery for diabetic foot:

When you visit the doctor with a diabetic foot, he/she will try to rectify the disorder using medication and other forms of remedies. Doctors will recommend cleaning any open wounds on the feet. Furthermore, dressing wounds is also important. In some cases where gangrene occurs, your doctor will monitor the toes and the feet to determine the need for an amputation.

However, failing these treatments and precautionary measures, you will need to undergo surgery to treat the symptoms of diabetic foot completely.

Here is a look at the surgical options for diabetic foot-

• The first form of surgery tries to remove the dead or decaying tissue from the leg so that the wound can heal. This is often the first choice when it comes to surgery. However, the problem may recur if the patient’s blood glucose levels are not kept in check.

• The neural damage in the legs can also lead to a condition, known as Charcot's foot. People who suffer from Charcot’s Foot have weakened bones in the leg. In this condition, walking or putting any pressure on the legs can cause the leg bones to change shape. Surgery is performed to rectify this condition as well.

• Doctors also perform an arterial bypass to treat peripheral vascular disease. In some cases, endovascular surgery is performed with the help of stents.

• Lastly, if the condition becomes severe, doctors will perform an amputation surgery. For diabetic foot, amputation may range from just the toes to the entire legs below the knees.

Consult your physician today. Take proper care of your leg if you are diabetic. Furthermore, try to keep your glucose levels in check to prevent further complications from the disease.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!

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