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Here are type, cause, symptoms, and treatments of Diabetes

Good morning all of you, my name Dr. Anil Mehta, I am consultant physician practicing for the last 23 years in Delhi as a general practitioner. Today’s topic of discussion is Diabetes.

Diabetes is very core mobility existing in our community defines all disorder that affects all organs of the body leading to increase of sugar levels due to deficiency of insulin which occurs due lack of insensitivity of the body organs, to insensitivity to different organs and also due to lack of insulin and due to lack of decrease production in the pancreas leading to its various core morbidities in every organs of the body. Mainly its symptoms are polydipsia, polyphagia, and polyuria and delayed wandlining.

There are various types of diabetes mainly in our community.

You know there is type 1 and type 2.

Type 1 is existing in children and young adults and type are existing in old age. Type 1 is known as due to lack of insulin. Deprive of and the patient is deprived of insulin so we have to replace the insulin.

Type 2 there is decrease sensitivity of insulin so lead to various other disorders mainly existing in old age. So to replace insulin, increase sensitivity there are various drugs available to treat. Ok, now we come to the complications. There are various complications mainly it affects eyes, peripheral system nerves, and kidney, heart every organ of the body. We can divide into microangiopathy and macroangiopathy. Microangiopathy means small vessels of the body leading to reduce sensation altered sensation. Micro was Fletcher of the body example is diabetic foot reduce sensation numbness leading to foot ulcers and diabetic foot. It’s a nowadays a huge problem in our community.

So I am discussing this topic diabetes because it is a major disorder in our world. The patient is increasing more than 6 million and incidence is 2 or 3 children in every 10 giving birth to a baby means every 10 individual 1 or 2 or 3 are having diabetes. There are various measures by which you can screen diabetes mainly by fasting blood sugar, post mandal sugar and also by Hba1c.

So I will cut short my topic of discussion, you can any information or contact me at my clinic, my website at at Dr. Anil Mehta. Thank you

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