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Deviated Septum

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Dr.Vivek Kumar Pathak 90% (255ratings)
ENT Specialist, Noida  •  13years experience
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Hello everyone!

I am Dr. Vivek Kumar Pathak, MBBS MS - ENT specialist. Today I am going to discuss about deviated nasal septum. So what is deviated nasal septum? First of all we have to know that what is nasal septum? Nasal septum is a partition between the nasal cavity which divides the left nasal cavity and the right nasal cavity. Nasal septum comprises of the cartilage part and the bony part. The cartilage is called as the septal cartilage or quadrilateral cartilage. Sometimes during the development of the body and face, the nasal septum becomes deviated specially at the time of 17 to 18 years and the patient develop certain symptoms. The symptoms can be nasal obstruction, there can be recurrent episodes of sinusitis, there can be bleeding from the nose. So asymptomatic deviated nasal septum has to be corrected. The treatment of deviated nasal septum can be done by operation called as septoplasty, Septoplasty is the correction of the deviated part of the nasal septum.

It can be done endoscopically or it can be done by open surgery. Nowadays we are preferring endoscopy surgery for the nasal septum deviation. Any patient who is having all these symptoms with deviated nasal septum, the septoplasty can be done. It is done in our centre. Anyone who is having the symptoms, is having deviated nasal septum can get corrected by septoplasty which is simple procedure which can be done under local anaesthesia and if the patient is apprehensive, it can be done under general anaesthesia.


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