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Dark Circles

Dr. Rohit Batra 89% (252 ratings)
MD - Dermatology, MBBS
Dermatologist, Delhi  •  20 years experience
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Get Rid of Dark Circles

Hi friends, I’m Dr. Rohit Batra from Derma World Skin and Hair Clinics. We have two clinics, one in Rajouri Garden, and New Rajendra Nagar, and today we’re going to talk about dark circles.

So whether you are a student, a housewife, or an aspiring model, everyone wants to get rid of dark circles. And there are many myths associated with dark circles. People think that they have not been taking proper diet, if they have not been taking proper sleep, or they are under stress, and that’s the reasons for dark circles. Well in most of the scenarios, none of these is the cause for dark circles. Most of the people in India suffer from dark circles because they have lots of fat in the under eye area, which with their age, during their development, these things develop. And once these dark circles develop, no matter how much of home remedies you do, how much of cucumber you go for, how much of ice you apply, or any creams you apply, it’s going to stay there.

Something that really will give you good benefit for dark circles is dermal fillers. We inject the dermal filler in the area which is having lots of fat tissue, and once the loss of fat tissue is taken care of, the dark circles vanish altogether for approximately 14 to 16 months. The procedure is very simple. There is hardly any pain. There are no side effects. And you can get rid of your dark circles in as less as twenty minutes flat. So if you want something for your dark circles that will bring back your lost confidence, that will give rise to a new you and will add to your beauty, visit us at Derma World Skin and Hair Clinics.

You can either log in to our profile at Lybrate, or call us, or Derma World Skin and Hair Clinics at Rajouri Garden and New Rajendra Nagar, and we can help you get rid of your dark circles, under-eye dark circles in less than twenty minutes. Thank you.

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