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Common FAQs About Endoscopic Surgery!

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Common FAQs About Endoscopic Surgery!

Nowadays, people do not have to go for open surgeries for the treatment of certain conditions. You need not have large incisions on your body for getting a surgery done. It can be done with a few small incisions. This kind of surgery has a lot benefits over the open surgery such as less pain, less recovery time, fewer scars and less time in the hospital. So, with so many benefits, who would choose an open surgery? For those who are opting for an endoscopic surgery for any problem and have no knowledge about it, here are some common FAQs about endoscopic surgery.

What is endoscopic surgery?
Endoscopy means inserting a small tube into the body, to inspect the interior. A small endoscope is inserted, which has a camera and light attached to it. This will help in seeing the internal organs of the body without having to cut open the body. Usually, this procedure is used for diagnosing certain health conditions. But in some conditions, it is also used for providing treatment.

Is there anything I should know before the endoscopic surgery?
Yes, your doctor will help you understand what to eat and what not to eat, also he will tell you about when to stop eating. Your body has to be prepared for the endoscopy.

Are there any kind of side effects of endoscopic surgery?
Any kind of surgery will have some pain. It is the same with endoscopy as well. With endoscopic surgery, the pain is less but there is no surgery with zero pain. Hence, you will have some pain at the place of the surgery. This depends on the place of surgery and how far the incisions are made.

Are there any chances of moving to an open surgery during the endoscopic surgery?
This happens in very rare conditions that you need to switch to an open surgery. You need to discuss this with your doctor in advance in order to understand whether it can happen. Not all surgery will require this.

How long does it take for recovery?
Usually, endoscopic surgeries are performed even on an outpatient basis. That means you need not even have to get admitted to the hospital for getting the surgery done. You can take care of yourself at home and keep visiting the doctor as suggested.

What kind of medicine is usually prescribed?
Depending on the type of surgery that you have undergone, you will be prescribed medicine. Along with that, you will also be prescribed painkillers after any kind of surgery. The pain is usually less but taking one or two pills may be required.  In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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