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Caring Of Child With Special Needs!

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Psychological assessment-
Psychologist deal with the assessments and testing of children to know the root cause of the problem. The testing protocol doesn’t involve any invasive procedure. They are just the paper-pen tests or questionnaires to be filled by the parents or the caregivers. Assessments will be carried out in a playful manner.
The psychologist also deals with psychotherapy and counseling for children as well as the family.

Early intervention-
Early detection of developmental problems provides an opportunity for early intervention to shift a child’s developmental trajectory to the optimum level and maximize their potential.
Early intervention help these children perform age-appropriate activities and to be on par with their peers.

Pediatric physiotherapy-
Physiotherapists perform a standardized neurological and physical assessment to assess the present condition of the child. They deal with musculoskeletal problems, neuromuscular problems and work on the gross and fine motor skills. They aim at improving the muscle tone, muscle strength, range of motion, posture, gait, balance and coordination of the kids who exhibit any motor problem.

Occupational therapy-
Occupational therapists are trained in performing the neurological assessment and sensory profiles for the children with sensory processing disorder. They help in providing sensory integration therapy for the kids with sensory dysfunction, also aim at improving the fine motor skills and work upon various areas to make the child functional in his/ her activities of daily living.

Speech therapy-
Speech therapists assess the speech problems in children with the administration of standardized tests and tools to provide an accurate diagnosis. Speech therapists deal with kids who have language delays and other speech disorders including misarticulation, stammering and hearing impairment. Blossom clinic also has an expert team of speech therapists who work exclusively with kids with a cochlear implant and are trained in auditory-verbal therapy pre and postoperatively.

Special education-
Special educators perform formal and informal educational assessments to know the current grade of the child in which he/ she is performing. They help in improving the scholastic performance of the kids. They also deal with children who need special care including learning disability, mental retardation and hearing impairment.

Behavior modification and counseling-
Psychologists deal with behavioral modification therapy for kids who exhibit any behavioral issues. They also conduct individualized counseling sessions for children as well as parents. They have their expertise in providing psychotherapies.

Poor scholastic performance management-
Scholastic performance assessment through formal and informal assessments and its management through various techniques making the study easier for children and by giving individual attention to each child.

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