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Cancer - Know Modes Of Tackling It!

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Cancer - Know Modes Of Tackling It!


Over the ages, the research to find a therapy that is effective against cancer has yielded many results. Some are very conventional and widely adopted such as radiation or chemotherapy. Others are lesser-known modes that are often prescribed in tandem with traditional therapies to wage a two-pronged attack on cancer. Here is a list of complementary cancer treatment modes-

High-Intensity Focussed Ultrasound or HIFU

During a HIFU session, the doctor focuses a beam of ultrasound waves at the tumour. When the high-energy waves reach the tumour cells, they dramatically raise the temperature. The tremendous heat that is generated kills the cancerous cells.

Mistletoe Therapy

Mistletoes are a poisonous parasite that produces white coloured berries the extracts of which are diluted with water to produce a serum. This serum is injected into the cancer patient’s veins. Mistletoe extracts help the body to naturally eliminate the cancer cells and also prevent the abnormal cells from spreading by blocking those blood vessels that facilitate their passage.

Mistletoe therapy becomes even more effective when coupled with chemotherapy. Moreover, it also mitigates the harsh effects of chemotherapy.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Doctors suggest colon hydrotherapy to people undergoing chemotherapy and this boosts their survival chances. That is because chemotherapy pumps the blood full of harmful toxins. These toxins may be effective in killing cancer cells but they are very harmful to all the other healthy cells. That is why your colon and other organs have to flush them out. But an abundance of toxins stresses out the colon. If hydrotherapy is administered then the water will eliminate much of the toxins and ease the stress that the colon has to endure.


Evidence suggests that cancer cells cannot thrive in the heat. That is why scientists came up with hyperthermia and infrared saunas that can deliver extreme heat (as high as 113 Fahrenheit). Heat is delivered in a way that only the mutated cells are on the receiving end of it and it leaves the healthy cells unscathed. Moreover, hyperthermia causes disintegration of the proteins and the cell structure and thus ensure that the cancerous tumour shrinks in size. When hyperthermia is coupled with radiation, it makes the cancer cells more responsive to radiation. In fact, hyperthermia and radiation are delivered within an hour of each other.

High Dose Vitamin C

Concentrated doses of vitamin c can be very effective in treating cancer. That is because vitamin c is actually very toxic to cancer cells. Treatment with Vitamin C becomes especially effective when it is administered intravenously. But high doses of Vitamin C alone cannot be relied upon to curb the spread of cancer. It works only when delivered with radiation or chemotherapy.


Asian medicines have long utilized curcumin and it’s only recently that it has piqued the curiosity of cancer researchers. There isn’t enough evidence to state that it can cure cancer but research is underway. Curcumin is an antioxidant and that is why it can reduce inflammation. There is a link between inflammations and cancer and that is there is hope that curcumin may be effective in limiting the spread of cancer. But, again, it would have to work in tandem with chemotherapy. It is also believed that curcumin can ease the symptoms of chemotherapy.


Artesunate has long been known in China for its medicinal properties. But now, scientists believe that its extracts may be useful in killing selective cancer cells, inhibit their proliferation and spread. The battle against cancer is relentless. And these complementary modes of treatment are added ammunition.

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