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Can Inflammation Lead to Heart Disease

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Can Inflammation Lead to Heart Disease

For ages doctors and people, in general, have known that some factors like high blood pressure, too much of bad cholesterol, poor dietstress etc. raise the risk of heart ailments. And, doctors accordingly have been giving suggestions on how best to reduce the likelihood of contracting such ailments. But, there is yet another stressor that not many people know of- inflammation which can be terrible for your heart.

What is inflammation?

When potentially dangerous foreign objects like pathogens enter the body, the immune system attacks them with a host of white blood cells to neutralize them. This causes swelling that is called inflammation. And, if a person regularly consumes unhealthy food or smokes, plaque tends to deposit along the walls of the heart’s arteries, which can also lead to inflammation.

How is inflammation linked to heart disease?

The exact connection between inflammation and heart disease has not yet been discovered. But, studies have shown that a staggering proportion of people diagnosed with heart problems indeed have an inflammation. When the immune system detects the presence of plaque in the arteries, it deals with plaque as a foreign body which should not mingle with the blood. So, the immune system builds a wall around the plaque. But, sometimes the wall ruptures and the wall comes in contact with the blood flowing through the arteries and this could trigger a formation of blood clots. Now, the presence of clots in blood vessels can be harmful for both the heart and the brain as they can cause an obstruction of blood flow to these organs.

How to treat inflammation?

For treating inflammation and reducing the risk of heart diseases, doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs. And, since it is unhealthy food that triggers this problem in the first place, a careful selection of your diet will help. Include plenty of leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, fishes containing omega 3 fatty acids, seeds and nuts.

Reduce your risk of getting plaque by working out a little every day and if you smoke, quit it right away. Inflammation is a silent killer and it does not always show symptoms. So, the best way to fight it is by living a healthy life.

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