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Can Homeopathic Remedies Cure Kidney Disorder?

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Can Homeopathic Remedies Cure Kidney Disorder?

Problems related to kidneys like kidney stones, kidney failure, acute kidney injury, etc. are quite common among people. And, as you all know kidney disorders can lead to serious health issues, therefore, getting them treated well in time is important.

A number of treatment options are available when it comes to addressing kidney disorders. One such effective method is homeopathy. It is known to eliminate the root cause of the problem and helps prevent any further diseases and problems in the kidney. Here are a few homeopathic cures that you can consider:

Berberis' rubrics: Helpful for treating hypertension, kidney stones, dull yellow or green urine, and neuralgic pain originating from the kidneys.

Cannabis Indica's rubric: Used in case of urinary tract diseases.

Aurum met's rubrics: Used when there is difficulty in maintenance of urine and the urine constitutes of mucous-like residue.

Ammonium carb's rubrics: Taken when there is excruciating pee. This includes white, burning, insufficient, painful, or orange urine with drowsiness and weakness.

Apis Mel's rubrics: These are used when there is general edema or swelling, kidney aggravation, and inability to pass urine.

Arsenic alb's rubrics: This is used when there is trouble in passing urine. Also useful in case of uremia, nephritis, urgent need to urinate or urinating without knowing.

Opium's rubrics: Used in cases of uremia (a type of blood disease), general oedema, dark stool, white urine, concealment of urine, swelling of the stomach, mucous-like urine, and uremic shakings.

Cantharsis' rubrics: This is used in cases of delicacy in kidney regions, renal colic, and nephritis (kidney irritation).

Chelidonium's rubrics: These are effective when a person goes through an urge of urinating a lot at night when there is abundant urination and pale white pee.

Cuprum Aas' rubrics: When there is kidney failure, excruciating pee, and stained pee.

So, don’t let kidney disorders create any complications for you, treat them with the right homeopathic remedy.

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