Can Ayurveda Treat Cancer?

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Can Ayurveda Treat Cancer?

The development of abnormal cells that can spread to other areas of the body is known as cancer. It has about 100 types and includes cancer of the skin, lung, prostate gland and so on. Compared to normal body cells that follow a proper path of cell division, growth, and termination, cancer cells don't die but continue to develop and divide.

Holistic treatment of cancer involves purification and strengthening of body's immune system.

Ayurvedic treatment of cancer comprises an all-around approach keeping in mind your temperament and body characteristics, the affected energies in the body as well as the tissues involved. More importantly, the treatment focuses not only on the malignant spot but your entire body system. This is because Ayurveda believes in restoring harmony to your entire being for the ailment to be treated effectively so as to prevent its recurrence.

The treatment plan involves the purification of the body and of the toxins that influence the cells to attack your body. Certain blood cleansing herbs are administered alongside the recommendation of a detoxifying diet. To stimulate blood flow in your body, herbs that improve blood circulation are prescribed by a practitioner. This renders an efficient removal of toxins, prevents stagnant blood from forming and assists in the healing process of your tissues. Since it's a debilitating disease, herbs and minerals that boost your immunity are also suggested.

What are the holistic methods of treating cancer according to Ayurveda?

The treatment methods for cancer include:

- Elimination of toxins from the body through Panchakarma (a therapy that involves five cleansing procedures)
- Abstinence from lifestyle and foods that lead to the imbalance of the tridosha namely, vata (air), pitta (heat) and kapha (water and earth forces)
- Restitution of the functions of your digestive system
- Rejuvenation through a special form of treatment called rasayanas
- Recommendations on Ayurvedic preparations that can be taken along with radiotherapy or chemotherapy
- Suggestions on Ayurvedic medications for minimizing the side effects of the various cancer therapies

In addition to these, treatment also involves suggesting ways to relax the mind. Yoga, meditation, and praanayam (an ancient practice involving ways to control your breath) are some of the ways that are recommended for bringing about deep personal healing for cancer patients.

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