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Bruxism (Teeth Grinding) In Autism - How To Stop It Permanently?

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Bruxism (Teeth Grinding) In Autism - How To Stop It Permanently?

Bruxism or Teeth Grinding is a common and worrying symptom in autism, especially in autistic children. Bruxism means keeping teeth together and forcefully grinding them with a grinding sound. It can result in damaged gum and bone structures. It may also lead to abnormal wear and tear of the teeth, facial pain, and tooth sensitivity

There can be many reasons associated with Bruxism like anxiety, habitual grinding, side-effects of antidepressants, an abnormal bite, or a limited diet. But, the major reason for teeth grinding is stress. Stress can be physical, mental, emotional, or energetic. 

The Neurobiology Approach to Bruxism in Autism - 

Autistic children are highly energy-sensitive and any disturbance in the energy levels affects the entire neurobiology of autistic people. The subtle energy system i.e., the chakras and meridians are present in all individuals. These chakras are the power bank and any changes in these chakras affect autistic people intensely. Thus, they start grinding their teeth. 

The other approach is the presence of the second brain in the body i.e., the gut. It is more powerful than the main brain. The emotions trigger the connection between the gut-brain and the skull brain, especially in Bruxism.

The Neurobiological Connection Between Gut, Skull, And Teeth -

The brain, the gut, and the teeth are neurobiologically connected because they originate from the same cell i.e., the embryonic ectoderm. That is why any stress in the gut or the brain affects the teeth. The gut and the digestive system cover the maximum area of the body. The various energy meridians of the body are connected to the specific teeth and the gum area. Thus, any energetic stress at the gut or the digestive system leads to Bruxism in autism. 

Energy Disturbances that affect the brain and gut are reflected in the teeth and gums as tension. This tension manifests as the symptom of Teeth Grinding in autism.

Solution to Bruxism -

The solution is to correct the Energy Disturbances between brain, gut, and teeth causing the Energetic Stress. When these disturbing energies are balanced at all levels, the symptom of teeth grinding disappear permanently. 

These energy disturbances can be corrected with Energy Healing techniques, for example, Intent Healing. It is non-invasive and based on the cutting-edge sciences of Applied Intentional Epigenetics and Applied Energy Medicine.

Conclusion -

It is time to understand the neurobiology of Bruxism and apply the same to help people, especially in autistic children. This will also help in gaining freedom from the often devitalizing symptom of Teeth Grinding. The solution is simple i.e., Intent Healing that gives sure-shot results and heals not only the autistic people but also their families.

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