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Botox or Fillers - Which is Suitable For You?

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Botox or Fillers - Which is Suitable For You?

Aging is natural and inevitable. But today, sun damage and pollution are speeding up the process of aging. As your skin ages, you might start feeling terrible about your appearance. Luckily, modern technology and science have a solution to that. Nowadays, there are too many anti-aging treatments available, and Botox and fillers are the latest craze. And it could get confusing for some people to correctly distinguish between them. Read on to know more about what both these anti wrinkle treatments are all about and what they do for you.

What is Botox?
Botox is made from the neurotoxin named botulinum toxin. Botox injections basically freeze the muscles under wrinkles.

What are its advantages?
Some advantages of Botox include
1. The muscles are relaxed, which makes the skin seem tighter and smoother
2. Lines on your forehead, between (furrow lines) and around your eyes (crow’s feet) are best treated with Botox and hence are considered the best skin tightening treatment.

What are its disadvantages?
Botox has certain disadvantages as well, such as
1. Finer lines cannot be fixed with Botox which makes it a non-inclusive treatment  

2. There are side effects of using Botox, such as droopy eyelids, facial pain, muscle weakness or eyelid swelling.


What are fillers?
Wrinkle fillers are injected under the skin to give volume and fill out wrinkles, thus smoothening them and making the skin look younger. Fillers usually contain natural acids such as hyaluronic acid, or synthetic acids like silicone. Collagen fillers can also be used.

What are its advantages?
The advantages of fillers include
1. They are non-invasive
2. The procedure doesn’t take too much time
3. Side effects are hardly severe and often lessen on their own
4. Fillers need less time for recovery
5. Fillers are best for fine lines around the nose and lip. Also laugh lines are better treated with fillers.

What are its disadvantages?
Some disadvantages of fillers include
1. More than one course is needed for optimum results
2. Skin weakness is a common side effect which leads to scarring
3. Deep wrinkles and scarring cannot be resolved with fillers 

If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a cosmetic surgeon.

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