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Best Yoga Asanas That Will Surely Improve Your Sex Life!

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Best Yoga Asanas That Will Surely Improve Your Sex Life!

What is Yoga?
Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices which include various techniques, such as physical postures, breathing techniques, meditation, and relaxation etc.  

How Yoga asana and sexual life is connected?
Practising Yoga on regular basis leads to better body posture, and flexibility lowers blood pressure, improves lung capacity, gives better balance, causes weight loss, cut downs the mental stress. All these things ultimately improve sexual life by improving flexibility, stamina, and muscle tone.

What are best Yoga asanas which help to improve sexual life?
Following are the best yoga asana which is known for improving sex life:

1. The tree pose
The tree pose helps to improve focus, performance, and ultimately results in better satisfaction.

2. Bridge Pose
The bridge pose is especially useful for women as it helps to stretch the vagina, which ultimately intensifies orgasms, and improves their ability to reach orgasm during sex. 

3. Cat-Cow Pose
It is best yoga position for improving orgasms. This pose also helps to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. 

4. The downward dog pose
It reduces muscle tension throughout the entire body and improves flexibility which ultimately improves sexual performance.

5. The Eagle Pose
It increases blood circulation to the lower part of the body more specifically, the pelvic region. It is also beneficial in the cases of erectile dysfunction.

6. The plank pose
The plank pose strengthens the body and generally used in the men who lack stamina during sex.

7. Bound Angle Pose
It increases the range of motion of the hip joints, and it also boosts up the libido.

8. The Cobra Pose
It boosts energy level and improves heart pumping capacity.

9. The happy baby pose
This pose stretches hips with everything else completely relaxed.

10. Savasana
It is the relaxation pose. It tries to keep your thoughts clear for at least a few minutes. It increases the focus on your mind.

11. The butterfly pose
It helps to boost energy level and enhances the function of the male sexual organs.

12. The chair pose
This position strengthens the leg muscles and pelvic muscles. It also increases energy level and libido of the person.

13. The runner’s stretch pose
It helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and improves the tone of the muscles which ultimately improves flexibility and stamina.

14. The frog pose
It specifically acts on pelvic floor muscles, improves its strength, and stamina.

15. The plough pose
It strengthens the back, and lower leg muscles, improve heart pumping capacity and ultimately results in the flexible body.

16. The rocking pose
It stimulates all the vital organs, such as heart, lungs, kidney, and improves blood pumping, and circulation thereby increases stamina.

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