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Bariatric Surgery For Type 2 Diabetes - Does It Help?

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Dr.Nandakishore Dukkipati 87% (22ratings)
Fellowship in Gastrointestinal and Endocrine Surgery, Fellowship in Advanced Laproscopy & Bariatric Surgery, MS- General Surgery, MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
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Bariatric Surgery For Type 2 Diabetes - Does It Help?

Bariatric surgery is a surgery performed on the stomach and is usually recommended for people who are obese. If you have a BMI value more than 40, then this surgery is a very good option. Along with those having an obesity problem, this surgery is also said to be ideal for those people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes and having a BMI value between 35 to 40.

There are many studies which show that there is a great improvement in people with type 2 diabetes after bariatric surgery. Even the cholesterol and blood pressure levels can also be controlled with the help of this surgery. Post-surgery, you will have to take fewer medicines or in some cases, you need not have to take medicine at all.

How does the doctor decide if you need bariatric surgery?
Basically, there are two things that will be considered by the doctor. The first one is the BMI value, which should be above 35. And the second parameter to consider is if you have tried any other methods to lose weight but did not succeed. Based on these and if you are ready to face the mental and physical challenges after the surgery, you will be advised to go through this surgery. You should make sure that you are doing regular exercise and also eat less.

Types of bariatric surgeries for type 2 diabetes

  1. Gastric bypass: In this kind of surgery, the stomach is divided into two parts. One small part at the top is separated from the lower part of the stomach. Whatever you eat, will go into this small part of the stomach and that makes you feel full faster. Also, fewer nutrients and calories are absorbed into the body. After this kind of surgery, more than 80 percent of diabetes patients showed no signs of diabetes at all.
  2. Gastric sleeve: In this surgery, a large portion of the stomach is removed and hence you will be able to eat less. This also reduces the amount of ghrelin, the hormone responsible for making you feel hungry, produced. This is successful in 60 percent of people with type 2 diabetes.
  3. Adjustable gastric band: A small inflatable band is placed around the stomach. This will look like a small pouch at the place where the food goes in. This pouch will get full a lot quicker and hence you will not be able to eat too much.

Does it help?
Some surgeries show 80 percent success rate and some show 60 percent success rate, but that is in terms of diabetes levels. Due to less food, the body will not get the required minerals and vitamins, which will result in other health complications. Some surgeries are also irreversible. So, it is your doctor who understands the surgery and your health better and they will always suggest the best option for you. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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