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Barber's itch And Homeopathy!

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Barber's itch And Homeopathy!

Barber's itch and homeopathy: 

Barber’s itch is a fungal skin condition that is sometimes classified as beard ringworm. 
The infection, also known as tinea barbae. 
It normally appears in adult males and can affect the bearded area of the face, including the chin, neck and upper lip.

▶barber’s itch is highly contagious can be spread from person to person through direct or indirect contact with an affected person. 
▶barber's itch is caused by a Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. 
▶the bacterial invasion mostly occurs when you have damaged hair follicles. ▶damaged hair follicles can be caused by the following: 
▶ excessive shaving or tight clothing, 
▶ excessive sweating
Direct contact: if you are directly interacting with people or animals that have fungal infections, then you are running a high risk of catching the infection yourself. The skin on skin contact will cause the disease to choose you as its new host, making it crucial that you avoid potential contagions. 

Indirect contact: be careful who you share your razors with. Fungal infections can live on in everyday objects like razors, face cloths and clothing so it might pay to be a bit more frugal about who you share your belongings with. 
▶stress: stress can exhaust your immune system, making you more vulnerable to contracting a fungal infection like barber’s itch.

▶hair loss
▶ringworm rashes
▶dry flaky skin
▶discoloration of the skin. 

▶maintain hygiene 
▶avoid stress
▶use new blades nd razor for shaving
▶do not come in contact of affected persons directly. 

Homeopathic medicines: 

Tellurium - tellurium is effective for barber’s itch. It is given when ring like eruptions occurs with offensive odor from the affected part. There is stinging pain on the affected part.

Rhus Toxicodendron: barber’s itch cases where the beard area is covered with moist eruptions with thick scabs. Suppuration in eruptions may be noted. It is attended with itching. Washing with hot water may bring relief. Sweating worsens the itching as also rubbing the eruptions. 

Sulphur iodide — it is given when eruptions are on face and the hair feels as if erect.

Cicuta virosa - barber’s itch occurs due to shaving. The exudation forms into a hard lemon colored crust. 

Lithium carbonicum - barber’s itch when scabby, tettery eruptions on cheeks preceded by red raw skin. 

 Petroleum - it is given when the skin is dry, sensitive, rough and cracked. The cracks bleed easily. 

 Graphites - barber’s itch with pimples in the beard that ooze sticky discharge. This is followed by crust formation. Heat worsens the eruptions. Burning and stinging in the eruptions is observed. Falling of hair from the beard may also be noted. 

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