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Last Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Back Injuries Related To Sports

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Dr. Varun ShanbhagPhysiotherapist • 13 Years Exp.BPTh/BPT, Bachelor In TCM, DTCM

Hi! My name is Dr. Varun Shanbhag. I am a sports physiotherapist practicing in Andheri, Lokhandwala in Mumbai. I've been practicing for the past seven years in the field of sports physiotherapy. I've been attached with Railway Sports Association and have been treating a lot of pro athletes and different level of players from different sports and different faculty backgrounds. I've also worked for a couple of corporate tournaments and I have been engaged with them for quite some time.

Today I am going to talk about something which is very common for today's fitness-oriented youth which is back injuries because of sports as well as the gym based injuries. Now there are few causes which take place and there are few reasons why of setting particular muscle in the back gets sprained. First thing is that they're either lifting their weights too much or they are not lifting it in the very correct position. That's something which needs to be seen because of that the faulty lifting positions, as well as the faulty lifting weights hatton that happens, is that causes that pain in that back region to build up over a period of time. Also, in sports there is something which is called as overuse injuries and because of that, your back tends to get into a state of spasm which is what causes you that pain. Now that back pain is the most common problem that today's youth faces. Not even the youth, even the middle-aged category of the people, they face these back problems a lot.

Now in my clinic here in Andheri at exercise clinical, what we do is, we have certain different advanced techniques that we make sure that your back problem does not keep you off the field for a very long period of time. In this, we have certain techniques which are called as myofascial cup therapy as well as deep tissue release therapy. Then we go in with the laser approach so when we have these combined approaches together what that does is that gives your muscle sufficient time and relaxation and it allows the muscle to heal on its own in a very faster way, because in sports you cannot afford to lose time, aap apna time loose nahi kar sakte ho isme.

So, in core strength that is in the second part, we precisely work on these two techniques that is flexibility and core. Because of that aapke back pe jo bhi stress lena hota hai, the back has a natural curving tendency and that needs to be preserved. Lot of time what happens is when you do exercises or when you are playing on the field, the curvatures of the back tend to reduce or tend to become straighter and that is where all the problem starts. Right from your disk problems, right from your back spasms, right from your bone problems, bone contusions; all those injuries start at that particular level. That is when we need to understand and that is when we need to intervene ki Ok what is the importance of flexibility in an exercise program. That is what is taught in this particular phase to a sportsman as well as to a gym person. We make them understand its importance, we ask them to do those particular exercises along with them we give them certain other techniques.

Then comes the last phase of rehabilitation which is the final phase when you are completely out of your pain and you're just wanting to return to the field or return back to your exercise sessions the way they were before. In that field, what we ask the person to do is we want them to do the dynamic level of exercises. So earlier what we were doing was just focusing on a single aspect like flexibility and core strength. Now we will focus on multitasking as multiple aspects so we give them multiple movements, multidimensional movements. So instead of a single plane beginning, multiplanar movements matlab alag alag angles mein we stretch the muscles, so that the muscles become much stronger and sufficiently strong to get hold of the exercises that you are going to do in the gym as well as to take the pressure what you are going to do on field.

These few things are done in the clinic at Mumbai. So, this was basically one of the few injuries that we treat in at our clinic in Andheri. This is like the back injuries. There are other injuries that we also treat. The other rehabilitation protocols, getting back to sports phases, all those phases and different styles with which you can return back to the field and work effectively at your workplace too, that is what we take care of. For more information, you can log onto and visit their website for getting in touch and getting an appointment with this clinic.

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