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Bach Flower Remedies

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Bach Flower Remedies

We all realize that a person's well-being is a mix of physical and emotional health. It is never possible that a person suffering from major anxiety, depression, attention disorder, sleep disorders, stress, or mental trauma can have a perfectly normal physical health.  The Bach Flower remedies are one of the well-proven methods of healing one's emotional imbalances, helping mankind achieve happiness and joy.

Dr. Edward Bach discovered the benefits that flowering trees and plants can have on healing one's emotional problems.  These became extremely popular in the 1930s and help a person to positively deal with negative emotions and behavior patterns. The overall result is an improved well-being, both emotionally and physically, leading to overall happiness.

How it works: Dr. Bach discovered 38 flowers, each of them contributing in some way to the emotional well-being of a person. Each flower improves emotional negativity in some way. These 38 include some of the common ones like pine, mustard, oak, and walnut to rare ones like larch, rock rose, etc. Each flower is associated with an emotion. For instance, pine is associated with guilt, mustard with deep gloom for no reason, elm with overwhelmed feeling due to loaded responsibilities, etc.

Bach flower remedies or BFRs as they are called, are solutions containing brandy and water.  Dr. Bach believed that dew found on the flower petals had preserved the healing properties of the plant and can be used to heal.  While the water contains extreme dilutions of this dew material, the brandy acts as a preservative.

There is a Bach questionnaire that needs to be answered.  This will help identify the right flower remedies needed for a particular person.  In a vast majority of cases, it would be a combination of 6 to 7 remedies that are combined to make a personalized combination.  Over a period of time, the negative emotions will be replaced with positive ones.  The safety and popularity of this remedy is so wide that children, elderly people, pregnant women, and even pets and plants have benefited from this.

How do you make your customized therapy?

Take an empty 30 ml bottle that has a dropper in the lid, which you can get at the local pharmacy store. To this, add two drops of each selected remedy. Alternately, you could also use 4 drops of the formula that is available pre-mixed, which works in most cases.  To this bottle with drops of the flower remedies, add plain, mineral water.  Take 4 drops of this at least 4 times every day.

This is an extremely popular and well-proven method of healing, with the Bach foundation continuing to propagate the teachings and remedy of Dr. Bach.

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