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Artificial Reproductive Techniques (ART)

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I am Dr. Ruchi Malhotra from FS IVF Centre, Delhi. I am a senior consultant. I’ve been working with Lady Hardinge medical college for many years as a senior consultant. Thereafter I worked at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, after which I came into this infertility practice. Today I am going to discuss about Artificial Reproductive Techniques or ART. Now ART is a technique which is used for patients who are suffering from infertility. What is infertility? We define infertility when a couple is living together without any precautions and is unable to conceive after one year without any precautions. When such couple comes to us we need to find what is the cause? why they are not conceiving? and furthermore how do we need to treat them? So there are certain basic tests when the patient comes to us for such a complaint. Most important is the history, whether the couple is living together or not. Sometimes it happens when couple comes to us but the husband is travelling, husband is not living so they are not having a normal sexual activity because of which may be they are missing the ovulation period and may be they are not conceiving.

May be there is some kind of sexual problem with in the couple which also comes out in the history or there could be a problem with the hormones in the female. She might be having delayed periods or early period or prolonged cycle or maybe she is having no cycles at all. So these are the main causes which we find out in the history from the couple and then further we need to decide how we need to treat these patients. So ART includes many methods, most important of which are IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) and IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization ). So first we will discuss about IUI. In IUI, the method is, first we stimulates the ovary of the patient by giving them tablets or by giving them some injections. We make the eggs ready which is called as the follicle which finally give us the baby. These follicles are then followed by a transvaginal ultrasound. In this once we reach the particular follicle size then we give them a trigger injection so that the follicle can rupture and comes out of ovary.

Following which we take the husband’s sperm and we segregate the best sperm and we inject them into the uterus of the female. So this is the process of IUI. Now if we discuss about IVF, it is totally different process and in which basic treatment is we give injections and we will make the eggs ready. Now IVF is all about the number of eggs which we get from the ovaries. We give them gonadotropins and we increase the number of eggs and when these eggs reach a particular size, we under anesthesia need to take out these eggs. These eggs are taken out in a test tube in specific conditions of temperature, air and lab. Then we take the husband’s sperm and we inject the sperm into the eggs.

We leave the eggs and sperm together outside in a lab environment and let the embryos grown. Embryos can grow to stage 3 or stage 5, day 3 or day 5. So the transfer is then prepared, the uterus is prepared and these embryos are then transferred into the uterine cavity. This is the entire process of IVF. After 14 days of transfer we can look for a positive result. Aap bhi is infertility ki samasya se pareshan hain aur apko iska koi ilaj samaj mein nahi aa rha toh aap mere pass visit sakte hain. Mera centre Azadpur Sabzi Mandi ke samne hi hai. Ye adarsh nagar metro station ke paas padta hai. Aap directly bhi yahan aa sakte hain aur via Lybrate bhi aakar mere se mil sakte hain. Online consultation bhi ho sakte hai aur Video Conference bhi ho sakte hai.

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