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Last Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Arthritis - 6 Yoga Positions That Are Beneficial for You

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Dr. Ashwani Kumar KheraAyurvedic Doctor • 39 Years Exp.Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
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Yoga is recommended for people with joint inflammation or arthritis. In the case of certain individuals with different sorts of arthritis, studies have shown that consistent yoga practice can lessen joint pain, improve flexibility of the joint and release the stress and strain to provide better rest. Yoga comes with a wide range of practices; however, for the most part, it includes adopting specific bodily postures. It also includes breathing and meditation exercises.

Some of the yoga postures to cure arthritis are as follows:

  1. Sun salutations: They are the perfect way to begin a day. They can be reflective and calming as you develop the strength to breathe fresh air. Stand with both feet touching, and afterwards, join your hands, palm-to-palm, and place them on your chest. Breathe out and raise your arms upward. Gradually twist backwards and extend your arms over the head. Unwind your neck and breathe in. You must keep in mind that it is one breath for every movement.
  2. Kid's pose and child's pose plus: This is a truly gentle and simple approach to stretch the lower back. Get into the stance by dropping down onto your knees, spread your knees wide and join your toes. Place your hips back onto your feet or heels and stretch your arms forward onto the ground.
  3. Bovine pose (cow pose): Get on all fours with your hands; keep your wrists directly under the shoulders, and spread your fingers wide. Your knees need to be at the hips' width and directly under your hips. Point your abdomen upwards, as your shoulder bones push down towards your abdomen, and tilt your pelvis up and back so that you are sitting.
  4. Furious cat: Turn around the cow pose to do the furious cat pose. From all fours, pull your belliy in and your back arches into a back bend. Point your hips back toward your lower legs to build the space between every vertebra.
  5. Prostrate twisting: Bending should be very useful, but if the bending or twisting brings on any pain, leave it quickly. Lie on your back, draw your knees toward your abdomen, and wrap your arms around your legs, giving yourself a little hug. Shake yourself from side-to-side or forward and backward.
  6. Bridge pose: Lie in a straight position on the floor, twist your knees, and set your feet on the floor. Breathe out and press the inner parts of your feet and your arms into the floor. Push your tailbone up, tighten your hips, and lift them off the floor until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Keep your knees right above your heels and lift the upper part of your hips toward your stomach. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult an ayurveda.

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