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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Are You a Caffeine Addict? These 5 Yoga Asanas Will Help You Kick the Habit

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Dr. Jyoti GuptaAyurvedic Doctor • 27 Years Exp.Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
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Little or limited caffeine amount can definitely boost energy levels, but an excessive amount might lead to addiction, which is really quite a serious issue. This addiction cannot be kicked away with medications and rather you have to follow the natural ways. Practicing yoga asanas is one of the most improved solutions that can help you to get rid of acute or severe caffeine addiction and that too in a natural way without inviting any unhealthy side effects.

5 leading asanas that can help avoid caffeine addiction:

  1. Mayurasana: This asana is mainly well known as the Peacock pose. The pose is very much useful for maintaining digestive and circulatory functions. The hands should be clasped backside and you should bend your head towards your feet. Standing straight is needed and you have to take deep breaths at the time of holding back the concerned posture.
  2. Chakrasana: This is nothing, but a wheel pose which helps in system detoxification and toxin release. Your thyroid and pituitary glands will get naturally stimulated as a result of this pose. Extending arms overhead by keeping feet together you can perform this pose. You should bend backwards with your face down towards the floor, and you have to use your palms for support.
  3. Sarvangasana: This pose needs to be done by keeping your shoulders in support. Without using yoga mats, this pose cannot be performed comfortably. Parathyroid and thyroid glands are stimulated along with the normalization of different body functions. Relief from constipation and indigestion can be gained from this pose. Keeping your shoulders in support, the legs should be extended upwards at 90-degree angle. The shoulders should take your full body weight at the time of doing this asana.
  4. Halasana: This plough pose can help in reducing lethargy, fatigue and stress. Your nervous system can be calmed down, and you will feel completely relaxed. Energy channels of your body can be easily opened up by practicing this asana regularly. In this case, legs should be bended at your hips so that the legs can be flat over the ground. You should keep your hands beside your body.
  5. Nadi-sodhan Pranayama: if you have got accumulated stress, then nothing can be a better option other than doing this asana. Both body and mind get completely relaxed as a result of practicing this pose. In this case, breathing patterns or techniques can be corrected along with the balancing of the nadis. You have to get a proper guidance in order to perform it in a correct manner.

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