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Anxiety Disorders

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Hello everyone!

I’m Dr. Mansi Jain. I m a consultant psychiatrist and today we are going to talk about anxiety disorders.

Let me give you an example. Imagine you are sitting in a room quietly and you feel a slight earthquake what would be your reaction? You would be worried. Right! Your heart beat will increase your breathing would have increase your hands start shaking you would start sweating. Now this is a normal expected reaction to anything dangerous but let’s say your mind and body start behaving like that all the time then we call it anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder effects nearly one third of the population. Common symptoms of anxiety disorders involve being constantly worried feeling worried about what is going to happen in the future, having sensation of the discomfort in the chest,nausea,sweating,trembling and even the panic attacks. Now Panic disorders is a very funny thing because in panic disorder patients keep running to the hospital thinking that they are having a heart attack, they will undergo multiple ECGs or electrocardiograms and even have angiography is done but there will be nothing positive in those tests. Anxiety disorders can be of many types. The commonest anxiety disorders that we see are generalizing anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorders, phobias and panic disorders. Living with anxiety is not easy. Someone who is living with anxiety can constantly feel tired and worried. Living with anxiety is difficult but we need to understand that it can be treatable. Nobody likes to be worried all the time and we need to understand that there behavior is not on purpose, it is a disorder which can be treated. Anxiety disorders effects all age groups right from children to elderly. With children they might not have understand what is happening to them and they might just simply cry, throw a tantrum or complain of headaches and stomach aches. So parents need to be very conscious when they see repeated symptoms. But no other signs or any other problems with the child that they might be suffering from anxiety disorder. Also anxiety disorders are completely treatable with proper management, using medications and therapies, like cognitive behavioral therapy, anxiety disorders can be managed really well. Medications are generally safe and non-habit forming. Medications might be needed for a longer duration of time. However with proper therapies and proper consultation eventually you will be completely off medications too. It’s possible to live a very healthy and fruitful life even though you are suffering from anxiety disorders if you take care the anxiety disorders properly. So if you know someone who is suffering from anxiety disorders or you are yourself suffering from symptoms of anxiety don’t hesitate to contact a mental health provider.

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