Allergic Rhinitis

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Hello! I am Dr. Sanjay, an ENT Consultant.

Today we will have a small discussion on a very common problem which is called allergic rhinitis. So what is an allergy? Allergy is a reaction of the body to a normal substance which is usually harmless and doesn't cause any reaction in other people, but it causes reaction in some people.

What are the common allergens? The common allergens are pollens, house dust mites, smoke and perfumes. But these react only in some people. The common symptom of the nasal allergy is a runny nose, sneezing and sometimes it may cause itchiness in eyes, itchiness of the face and stuffy nose.

Common risk factors are smoking and environmental dust pollution. How do we examine these people who are having an allergy? We do it by clinical examination of the nose and the paranasal sinuses. It is very important to understand what is allergy and what are other associated problems with the allergy-like Sinusitis and chronic Sinusitis, which normally people call as sinus disease.

Symptoms of chronic Sinusitis is the person always having a headache, discharge from the nose which is causing him cough, sputum always and fever. How should we treat? We should have to investigate thoroughly by a clinical examination, nasal endoscopy examination, in some cases we require CT scan of paranasal sinuses. Once we have all these proper assessments, then we can treat the person in an effective way either with the medication or in some cases of associated complications like nasal polyps we need to treat them accordingly. Thank you!

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