Acne Scars

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I am Dr. Jyotsna Deo, Dermatologist, Navi Mumbai. today I will talk about acne scars and how to manage them. Teenagers me kayi logon ko acne hota hai. Almost 80% of all teenagers get pimples. But in many cases, scars apko aa jate hain. These scars reduces your self confidence. What can be done to treat? We should prevent scarring by taking the treatment at the right time. Various therapies are available. Ranging from creams, sunscreen, chemical peels, laser to surgery. Many dermatologist try to give you the best therapy for getting rid of this problem. in laser we have fractional carbon dioxide laser. We can do punch grafting which also makes the difference. So, if you have scars, contact dermatologist for the best treatment and results. You can contact me at


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