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Acne - Ways To Treat It!

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Hello, I am Dr Mansi Sanghvi, I am the founder and medical director of Skin 360 Skin Hair and Laser Clinic, we are located at Pawai in Mumbai. I have been practicing as a Dermatologist and skin and hair expert over the last 10 years in Mumbai.

Today I will be talking to you about a very common health problem that today's youth faces and that is pimples, marks and scar management. Acne which is commonly known as pimples is no longer limited to the teenage. It is now happening more so in the adulthood and in adult life. Acne has been attacking people after they turn 22-23, so why is that happening, what is the cause of this type of acne?

The cause lies in the hormonal imbalance which is again multifactorial in origin; it could be related to stress, dietary changes, lack of sleep, sedentary lifestyle or simply using cosmetics which are not good for your health. Hormone imbalance clogs the pores which eventually leads to the pimples.

Pimples are of various types - it could be small black heads or white heads or it could be big puss filled pimples. How to manage it?  Management starts at a simple baseline which is to use the right antibiotic cream which is prescribed by your dermatologist and to do certain simple treatments at the doctor's clinic. These treatments include chemical peels which are derived from fruit acids which help to exfoliate the excessive dead skin of your face and eventually leads to unclogging the pores, so that your skin can breathe and it reduces the pimples and inflammation.

If this approach does not work , we go to the second line of management, which is to give you oral antibiotics which help to reduce the bacteria that causes pimples. Once this antibiotic works , the inflammation goes down and then what we are left with is some marks to deal with. Now how the marks are treated, marks are treated with again chemical peels which are specifically derived from sugarcane and they are called glycolic acid which are famous these days. This peel reduces the pigmentation and concentration of melanin in your skin eventually giving you a better looking skin texture and colour.

The third issue that we need to deal is the scars that the acne leaves behind they are nothing but dark depressions on the skin, it is very important to treat them as early as possible otherwise they become a lifelong marks on your face. The scars are treated with technologies like laser resurfacing or a simple dermaroller which causes resurfacing of the scar or eventually much lesser appearing marks. To enumerate again, the treatment of pimples would include chemical peels, microdermabrasion which is commonly known as skin polishing, lasers to reduce the marks which are known as Q switch laser or scar resurfacing which is done with laser or dermaroller.

Now these treatments require few sessions which are timely intervals between 2 to 3 weeks, the whole treatment for pimples can last from 2 months to up to 6 months as well. The doctor upon examining your skin can precisely tell you what would be the approach of treatment ; in severe cases of pimples, we may probably want to start with hormonal treatment especially in women who are suffering with from polycystic ovaries. Using this combined approach for the treatment of pimples, the Dermatologist can help you by up to 70%, so why not hundred percent because the remaining 30% is in your own hand.

So what can you do to reduce your acne? First you invest into the right face wash which is pH balance , eat the right food which is taught to you by your grandpa and grandma, do regular exercises at least about half an hour everyday and indulge in activities which rejuvenate you , which could be learning some new music or going to Zumba class or going for swimming. Understand that everything is related to hormonal imbalance and which will only worsen with the stress in your body and you need to vent it out with recreation activities on a timely interval. So do the best possible in your own hand to improve the lifestyle and your quality of life and you should see the result in terms of your acne improvement along with the treatment that your doctor does for you.

I hope you have found this video useful, should you have any questions or any query or if you like to consult with me you may please do that using and book a consultation with me. Thank you very much.

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