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Here are prevention and treatments of acne.

Hi! This is Dr. Rittika. I am a cosmetic physician, a trichologist, and a weight loss consultant. Today I am going to speak about Acne.

Acne is one of the most common skin problem today, as many as 1 and 2 people suffer from acne. These are may be red eruptions which may be filled with pus. Acne is formed when the mixture of dirt and dead skin cells clog our pores and leads to the eruption of red sores which we call acne or pimples. These mistakenly get infected with bacteria and it leads to the formation of pus and worsening of acne. The treatment of acne basically aims at treating the lesions which are always present to prevent further breakout and to prevent scarring and reduce the chances of scarring. Acne requires a proper medical treatment and post acne care for treatment of dark spots and scars which are commonly associated with acne.

Apart from medical treatment which involves an application of medications locally and oral medications if required, advanced treatments are also available. These are chemical peels, R.F therapy, Oxy-microcurrent therapy and micro needling therapy. I would highly recommend them because these not only cure acne but, they also lead to significant improvement in the appearance of scars and spots. The treatment is customized according to the need of the patient and severity of acne. Now acne may or may not lead to scarring. Some people are naturally more prone to scarring than others, for example, a person may have rather a severe acne without a scar inside, and for others, even a benign lesion can lead to a depressed pockmark. So early treatment is the best way to prevent scarring. If you are highly prone to scarring, consider meeting a cosmetic physician or a dermatologist right away and discuss acne treatment options with them.

I would like to give you tips for acne affected skin. First of all, if you have acne, do not touch or pig the area. Use only on comedogenic makeup, while going out in sun, use sunscreen, shave very carefully and shampoo your hair regularly. For more information on acne and for acne free clear skin, please visit Clinic Cosmoderma or book an appointment to Thank you.

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