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A Brief Insight Into The Sinus Procedure Called Balloon Sinuplasty!

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A Brief Insight Into The Sinus Procedure Called Balloon Sinuplasty!

Managing a blocked or stuffy nose can be highly bothersome as when the nose gets congested, it causes an interruption in normal breathing interfering with your routine. A blocked nose can occur due to simple reasons like a cold which usually lasts a day or two. But when this condition becomes a chronic one and medicines fail to offer a complete cure, then procedures like balloon sinuplasty becomes an option. Keep on reading to know more about balloon sinuplasty.

What is balloon sinuplasty?
Performed in the outpatient setting or an ENT office, BSP or balloon sinuplasty is an efficient and safe procedure for those who look for relief from the uncomfortable and painful symptoms of chronic sinusitis. In BSP, the medical professional places a small balloon in the sinus opening which is obstructed, and then removes the balloon after inflating and deflating it, while dilating the sinuses. A more opened up sinus, as a result, drains better and stay at lower risk of nasal blockage or any sinus infections.

Specifically designed for relieving any chronic sinusitis obstructed the sinus and opening the nasal airways, BSP helps in bringing back the functionality of the nose into its normal self.

Who is it meant for?
People who generally are a candidate for a sinus surgery can be ideal for balloon sinuplasty. Those who suffer from sinus infections or nasal blockage frequently and the issues do not show much of an improvement with traditional medical therapy, can also find the BSP a good treatment option. Patients who suffer from extensive sinus infections and diseases, may not be a suitable candidate for BSP.

Why is it preferred?
It is because of the advantages that the balloon sinuplasty has to offer, a number of people suffering from chronic sinusitis opt for this treatment option over the traditional sinus treatment options which is sinus surgery. Unlike the sinus surgery, BSP neither requires any tissue removal nor causes much pain, which makes it a minimally invasive sinus treatment method. Without any need for general anesthesia, this procedure can be performed quickly, at the outpatient ward.

What is the expected recovery time?
The recovery time of a balloon sinuplasty is very less. In an average, the majority of the patients return to their day to day activity and work within two days after having a BSP. However, based on the severity of the condition and the condition of the patient, the recovery time may vary from person to person.

There are various prescribed drugs, quick home remedies and over-the-counter medicines available for treating blocked nose. But when it’s a chronic sinusitis, it is the safe and fast balloon sinuplasty treatment procedure that can offer a permanent and longer solution to the various sinus related ENT conditions and infections.

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