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6 Home Remedies that Work for Constipation Relief

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6 Home Remedies that Work for Constipation Relief

6 Natural Treatments for Constipation Relief

Constipation can make you miserable. Though medically defined as less than three stools a week or worse, daily bowel movement is essential to keep healthy and feel fresh. Caused by slow movement of food through the digestive tract, constipation can occur due to poor bowel habits, eating less fiber, medications, hormonal issues or some other disease. However, it can be easily fixed with fiber, fluids and frequent exercising. You can try these natural treatments to relieve your discomfort and keep it away:

1. Coconut Oil and Flaxseed - A great combination
Coconut oil is a wonderful hydrating agent and eases stools. Flaxseeds help in the elimination of toxins, excess fat and cholesterol from the body. So in one tablespoon of coconut oil, add half a teaspoon of flaxseeds, chew well and eat this every morning.

2. Harad or Terminalia Chebula Myrobalan - A Wonder Fruit
An important ingredient of Triphala, harad is a wonder fruit that has amazing health benefits. One of these is relieving constipation. Take the small black variety and roast it with few drops of Ghee and grind to store. 5-6 gms daily with water at night will relieve constipation.  

3. Yogurt - Excellent Source of Probiotics

Probiotics which contain beneficial bacteria are a great remedy for constipation. However, you can take the humble homemade yogurt full of beneficial bacteria in your meal every day and get relief from constipation.

4. Fiber Fix - Figs and more
Fiber helps to bulk up your stool making the bowel movement faster. Figs are a great source of soluble fiber and you can soak 2-3 overnight and have both the fruit and the sweet water to get regular bowel movement. You can also include high fiber whole wheat bran cereal to your diet for added benefits.
Do not forget to back your fibers with 8-10 glasses of water as you increase your intake.

5. Baking Powder - The Versatile Solution
Baking powder has an alkalizing effect and eases movement through the bowels. Add a teaspoon to ¼ cup of warm water and drink it quickly for best results.

6. Oatmeal Tea - When things are Severe
Oatmeal is fibrous, Honey is healing and moisturizing and Chamomile is an anti-inflammatory agent which soothes the stomach. Together, they can stop severe constipation. So, take a cup of water and add three teaspoons of oatmeal, a Chamomile tea bag and two teaspoons of honey. Drink 2-3 times a day if your problem is severe.

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