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6 Diseases You Can Prevent Just By Washing Your Hands

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6 Diseases You Can Prevent Just By Washing Your Hands

Every few years, devastating new diseases like Coronavirus, Ebola, SARS, MERS, and Avian Flu strike havoc and kill thousands of people. Diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, heart disease, obesity, and cancer are among the non-communicable diseases and lifestyle disorders that are on the rise. It looks like the situation is bleak.

The good news, according to studies, is that simply washing one's hands can prevent up to a million fatalities each year. It is not an exaggeration to say that handwashing could save lives.

What Is The Benefit Of Hand Washing?

Harmful bacteria are drawn to our hands like a magnet. We touch surfaces and objects that have been touched by others, such as bus or train handrails, cash notes, toilet flushes, elevator buttons, and cuisines, among other things. Any of these things might have been contaminated with fatal viruses or germs after being handled by an infected individual. These germs infiltrate our systems and make us sick when we touch our faces, eyes, or mouth with unclean hands.

However, only one minute of vigorous hand washing may lower our hands' bacteria count by 99 percent! Soap and handwash have the ability to burst and kill many germ populations. The remaining ones have just been swept away. Here are 6 major diseases that can be prevented by just keeping your hands clean! 

The influenza virus spreads similarly to the coronavirus, and it can infect a healthy person directly or through infected objects.

This terrible disease is transmitted by touching anything that has come into contact with the infected person's bodily fluids.

Diarrhea is caused by viruses like norovirus and rotavirus, as well as bacteria like salmonella and campylobacter. Diarrhea can be spread through poor sanitation or personal hygiene, especially if you come into contact with an infected person's feces.

Salmonella typhi, the organism that causes typhoid, could be found in a typhoid patient's faeces. Our hands will come into contact with faeces if the sanitary system is inadequate.

Hepatitis A 
Hepatitis A is spread through contact with an infected person's bodily fluids or excrement on the hands.

Chickenpox and Measles 
Both are serious viral illnesses, and the viruses may enter your system through simple hand contact if you don't completely wash your hands.

A little prudence and personal cleanliness on our side can protect not only ourselves but also our loved ones, from hazardous infections.

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