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5 Reasons Why OCD Makes Life Difficult!

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Dr.Gourav Monga 87% (21ratings)
MD - Psychiatry, MBBS
Psychiatrist, Patiala  •  15years experience
5 Reasons Why OCD Makes Life Difficult!

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is a psychological disorder where you feel compelled to perform irrational tasks in continuous patterns almost ritualistically. These compulsive thoughts may seem, upon examination that they are without any particular reason or rhyme. Naturally, a psychological disorder is not voluntary and people who suffer under this disorder don’t voluntarily like to make their lives difficult contrary to some who would say “if you don’t like it don’t do it.”

It is not a simple matter, OCD can have a lot of underlying reasons which makes life even more difficult and wears you out. You still can’t get over a particular thought until you have performed it a given number of times even if it harms your health and the relief is also short lived. For the naysayers who don’t realise, how difficult life can be for people suffering from OCD here are a few reasons that you should consider:

  1. Depression: People with OCD are also prone to suffering from depression. A sense of feeling like you are not like others, you see the world a little differently and obsessively repeat such compulsive lines of thought until it wears you out mentally. It is a side effect of OCD and deeply affects their lifestyle negatively.
  2. Anxiety: When you have OCD you suffer from constant anxiety about things you may not have done that you must do or vice versa, or very intrusive thoughts that make you anxious wondering about the kind of person you are or becoming. It is a constant battle everyday trying not to repeatedly perform all the compulsive behaviours that may strike you and makes daily life immensely difficult.
  3. Eating disorders: Suffering from OCD also affects your diet and food habits. You either start over eating or not eating enough resulting in huge amounts of weight gain or noticeable weight loss or just a fluctuation in weight.
  4. Skin rashes: The outer manifestations of OCD are numerous. If you suffer from obsessive, washing of hands or clothes or any activity that requires constantly irritating your skin then you will develop rashes which will cause more anxiety in you. It’s just a facet of OCD wherein you become obsessed with cleanliness and can’t go without feeling anxious about the number of toxins surrounding you so you go about trying to almost sterilise yourself and end up damaging your skin.
  5. Sleep disturbances: Your sleeping pattern gets affected if you can’t build up a routine and then you can’t sleep until it’s a certain hour at a certain time of the day. Or if you suffer from paranoia then you are unable to sleep because you are actively worried about something or the other. Anxiety also contributes to restlessness.
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