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Last Updated: Oct 23, 2019

5 Myths About Pigmentation Debunked By A Dermatologist!

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Hairline InternationalDermatologist • 34 Years Exp.MBBS
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Pigmentation is a common skin condition that many suffer from all over the world and of course a serious concern to many. It is due to this desperate need of getting rid of this skin condition that different beliefs have originated about both the prevention and the origin of pigmentation. However, in maximum cases, these beliefs are nothing but myths with no solid facts or an effectual base.

Following are 5 such myths debunked here by a dermatologist.

Myth 1: It’s the diet that is responsible for pigmentation
Many believe that consuming certain foods often leads to the white or dark patches on the skin. However, there is no scientific proof behind them. When it comes to pigmentation, the diet is responsible for neither giving rise to pigmentation nor helping in its treatment.

Myth 2: All kind of laser treatments work wonders
Going for any random skin laser treatment or strong skin care products, claiming to remove the pigmentation quick is not at all an effective solution for pigmentation removal. Each one’s skin is different and hence, may require different treatments. Therefore, without analyzing the underlying cause or proper diagnosing, opting for chemical peels or laser treatment or skin lightening creams can pave the path for serious skin issues.

Myth 3: Scrubbing the skin vigorously removes pigmentation
It may sound shocking, but it’s another widely accepted belief that scrubbing the skin or exfoliating the skin intensely helps in achieving the disappearance of skin pigmentation. However, it is nothing but a false belief which may lead to inflammation as well as can deteriorate the condition and quality of the skin, triggering pigmentation.

Myth 4: Sunscreens are meant to be used only when outdoors and not while traveling in a car
It is one of the most wrongly believed notion that you are safe while staying indoors or in cars. The windows and windshields can protect you from UVA rays, but they allow UVB rays to pass through. Hence, when traveling in a car, usage of sunscreen can’t be overlooked, and application of sunscreen is necessary to prevent any sunlight-induced skin damage such as pigmentation.

Myth 5: It is genetic and can’t be cured
It is not only the genetics that is responsible for pigmentation, but other factors like aging and sun-exposure also play a crucial role. Some may become susceptible to pigmentation due to genetics, but controlling their exposure to the sun, pollutants and harsh chemicals can help in reversing the pigmentation. And with so many different treatments options being available now, pigmentation is no longer incurable.

Remember, in order to get rid of pigmentation, resorting to these above-mentioned myths does nothing but encourage the production of skin pigment or damage the skin further. Therefore, it is strongly advised to consult with a dermatologist first and become aware of the facts regarding pigmentation and effective ways of removing them than believing the myths.

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