10 Symptoms That Signal Hypothyroidism. Do You Have Any Of These?

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10 Symptoms That Signal Hypothyroidism. Do You Have Any Of These?

10 symptoms that signal hypothyroidism

When your thyroid malfunctions, you may face difficult health issues. Hypothyroidism leads to excessive weight gain and a lot of other medical ailments. It can be identified by a bunch of symptoms which if present, should not be taken lightly.

1) weight gain - if there is sudden and unexpected weight gain, this is the earliest and definite sign of an underactive thyroid gland. This means that there are strong chances of lowered levels of t3 and t4 hormones in the body, leading to slow metabolism in the body. People suffering from hypothyroidism face increased body weight which becomes difficult to lose despite maintaining healthy diet and exercising rigorously.

2) constant fatigue - if you have slept well the night before, yet you are tired and if this is a regular feature, then chances are that your thyroid gland is underactive. Being low in energy, it gets difficult to complete daily chores or exercise.

3) swelling in the neck - another telltale sign would be goiter - an abnormal swelling in the neck. The thyroid gland mainly concentrates iodine from the blood to create both the thyroid hormones. If there is iodine deficiency in the body, this process gets disrupted resulting in hypothyroidism.

4) hair loss - hypothyroidism causes hormonal imbalance which in turn causes hair loss. If there is sudden, unexplainable hair loss, chances of hypothyroidism are high.

5) imbalance in body temperature - if you are suddenly feeling too cold, it is advised to get your thyroid tests done.

6) brittle nails - if your nails have become brittle, get chipped very easily and look weak, this could be an indication of hypothyroidism.

7) mood changes - the weight gained and the excessive fatigue, both trigger massive mood swings which at times, the person has no control over.

8) constipation - the contractions of the digestive tract get weakened due to low levels of thyroid hormones resulting in constipation. Chronic constipation without any apparent reason could be an indicator of hypothyroidism.

9) irregular menses - if your periods are irregular, do not take it lightly. This could be most likely because of hormonal imbalances which are caused by hypothyroidism.

10) slower heart rate - if your heart beats at less than 60 times per minute, it could be because of the interference by thyroid hormones.

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