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10 Amazing Tips For Tennis Elbow!

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10 Amazing Tips For Tennis Elbow!

1. Tennis elbow is inflammation of tendon which attaches on the outer aspect of elbow.
2. It occurs due to repeated overuse or repeated stress of muscle or tendon in certain positions of elbow.
3. It can occur even if you have never played tennis! It can occur in any racquet sports like badminton. Repeated hammering or gripping or lifting heavy objects can also lead to tennis elbow.
4. Treatment involves activity modification, activity reduction and often rest.
5. Holding and lifting the objects in supination (rather than pronation ) can reduce stress on muscle involved.6. Whenever lifting objects, reduce lever-arm by bringing objects closer to you and or using your opposite hand can also help.
7. Various braces and straps can be applied which dissipate the stress on tendon.
8. Application of cold patch or ice in acute case can help.
9. Proper warm up before game, gradually increasing your activity level and regular stretching exercise will prevent and cure tennis elbow.
10. If these fail visit an orthopaedician for an injection of steroid or PRP. Surgery is rarely performed.

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