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107+ Best Ent Specialist in Thane


Dr. Minal Hemprakash Salame

ENT Specialist16 Years Exp.
MBBS, MS-Oto Rhino Laryngology
₹ 600 at clinic
Pristyn Care Clinic, Thane, Mumbai , Mumbai
Next Available Slot:
 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM, MON
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Dr Seema Ramlakhan Gupta

ENT Specialist10 Years Exp.
MBBS, MS-Oto Rhino Laryngology, DNB - ENT, MBBS, MS-Oto Rhino Laryngology, DNB - ENT
₹ 600 at clinic
Pristyn Care Clinic, Malad, Mumbai , Mumbai
Next Available Slot:
 04:00 PM - 07:00 PM, MON, WED
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Dr. Lokesh Kumar Bhama

ENT Specialist24 Years Exp.
Post Graduate Diploma In ENT, MBBS
₹ 700 at clinic
589 online
Lotus Healthcare , Thane East , Thane
Recently consulted for:Throat and Voice Problems, Foreign Body in Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat, Audiometry Test
Next Available Slot:
 09:30 AM - 12:30 PM, MON
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Dr. Nikesh Gosrani

ENT Specialist15 Years Exp.
MBBS, MS - ENT, Fellowship In Head Neck Onco Surgery
₹ 300 at clinic
300 online
Shubham Dental & ENT Multi Speciality Clinic , Kalher , Bhiwandi
Next Available Slot:
 02:00 PM - 04:00 PM, TUE
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Dr. Aziz Dhilawala

ENT Specialist24 Years Exp.
₹ 400 at clinic
500 online
Nafees ENT Hospital , Mumbra , Mumbai
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Dr. Sunil Budhlani

ENT Specialist29 Years Exp.
₹ 1,000 at clinic
Dr. Budhlani’s ENT hospital Vertigo Clinic and Shankh Hearing aid centre , Thane West , Thane
Next Available Slot:
 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM,07:30 PM - 09:00 PM, MON
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Dr. Pradip Uppal

ENT Specialist39 Years Exp.
₹ 1,000 at clinic
Uppal's ENT Hospital , Naupada , Thane
Next Available Slot:
 05:00 PM - 08:00 PM,10:00 AM - 12:00 PM, MON
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Dr. Girish Kulkarni

ENT Specialist23 Years Exp.
Diploma in Oto-Rhino-Laryngology (DORL), MBBS
₹ 400 at clinic
400 online
Shravan E.N.T. Hospital , Kalyan West , Thane
Next Available Slot:
 12:00 PM - 03:00 PM,07:00 PM - 10:00 PM, MON
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Dr. Sanjay Patil

ENT Specialist23 Years Exp.
₹ 40 at clinic
Ishwar Hospital , Thane
Next Available Slot:
 07:00 AM - 08:15 AM, TUE
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Dr. Bhagwat J Chaudhary

ENT Specialist48 Years Exp.
MBBS, MS - ENT, Diploma in Oto-Rhino-Laryngology (DORL)
₹ 1,000 at clinic
Suyash ENT Care Center , Thane West , Thane
Next Available Slot:
 09:00 PM - 10:00 PM, MON
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Best Ent Specialist in Thane

Doctor's NameClinic FeesLybrate Ratings
Minal Hemprakash Salame₹ 60091
Seema Ramlakhan Gupta₹ 60083
Lokesh Kumar Bhama₹ 70091
Nikesh Gosrani₹ 20090
Aziz DhilawalaFreeNA
Sunil Budhlani₹ 1,000NA
Pradip Uppal₹ 1,000NA
Girish Kulkarni₹ 400NA
Sanjay Patil₹ 40NA
Bhagwat J Chaudhary₹ 1,000NA

Ent Specialist in Thane

Average Ratings

4.4/ 5

(5662 ratings and reviews)

Patient reviews for Ent Specialist in Thane

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is an ENT Specialist?

ENT specialists, also called otolaryngologists or in some cases otorhinolaryngologists, are specialists of ear, nose & throat illnesses. Doctors with this specialty can treat anything wrong with body parts up the collarbone except for the eyes (ophthalmologist) & brain (neurologist). In fact, ENT is said to be one of the oldest medical specialties. These doctors can provide remedy for simplest problems such as obstructive sleep apnea (commonly called as snoring) to complex tumours (even cancerous) of the neck. You can consult an ENT specialist near you for any throat problems or infections in your nose or ears as well.

What are the qualifications of an ENT Specialist?

The educational qualifications of an ENT specialist are an MBBS degree which is a prerequisite for studying otorhinolaryngology specialisation at the postgraduate level. At the post graduation, the doctor has to opt for MS (Master of Surgery) in Ear, Nose & Throat & then, junior residencies or fellowship. For further specialisation, the doctors can go for M. Ch. (Head & Neck Surgery). The doctors have to complete the necessary fellowship in either of the subspecialties such as otology/ neurotology (for ears), laryngology (for voice box & throat) or rhinology (for nose). They can also continue training for reconstructive surgeries such as Facial plastic surgery or skull base surgery.

What does an ENT specialist do?

An ENT specialist is the doctor to consult for the disorders affecting the multiple senses from sound to smell. In fact, it is considered as the widest ranging specialty in the medicinal field. An ENT specialist can help in acoustic nerve disorders, thyroid cancer, tinnitus (persistent ringing in the ear), goitre, otitis media (chronic ear pain) & sinus disorders. If you are suffering from balance problems such as vertigo, even that can be treated by an ENT specialist. Other problems include salivary gland disease, labyrinthitis, Meniere’s disease, head & neck cancer, TMJ & vocal cord paralysis.

What diseases do ENT specialists treat?

The diseases treated by an ENT specialist are wide ranging from hearing loss to allergic reactions. Some throat problems which can be treated by an ENT specialist encompass tonsillitis or voice issues. Sinus infections, infections in the upper oesophagus, nasal passage infections or injuries in the larynx (voice box) are also treated by an ENT specialist. Some ENT specialists can also perform Facial & Reconstructive surgeries if certified properly. Thus, from a simple cure for swimmer’s ear to operation for throat cancer & hearing restoration, ENT specialists are really the experts with versatility as masters of many trades.

Common problems you should see the ENT specialist for?

Some of the common problems for which you should see an ENT specialist encompasses problems in sleeping due to snoring. If your cough is not getting cured by your general physician, you may consider seeing an ear, nose & throat specialist near you. An ear, nose & throat specialist can diagnose even serious problems from these simple symptoms. Usually, most ear, nose or throat related problems are caused by a bacteria or viruses which attack one of the aforementioned regions leading to disease or infection. The problems regarding an ENT surgeon are wide ranging & may

For which symptoms should one consult an ENT specialist?

Since there are so many diseases under this medical field, the range of symptoms is also very diverse. You can choose to consult an ENT specialist if you experience any symptoms which may include sore throat, runny nose & coughing or sneezing. Hoarseness in voice, dizziness, loss of taste, ear pain or ringing sound in ears are other symptoms. Difficulty in breathing or difficulty in swallowing are also symptoms requiring one to confer with an ENT specialist. Thus, any discomfort in either ear, nose or throat will signal an ENT specialist visit.

When should I go to the ENT specialist?

You can visit an ENT specialist if you are suffering from any ear, nose & throat related problems from chronic ear infections or lumps in the neck. Some ENT problems such as ETD if left untreated may cause permanent hearing loss. If you neglect other ear, nose & throat related problems, it may even delay the diagnosis of other serious conditions such as cancer. Thus, do not neglect your symptoms & consult an ENT specialist near you if you feel any persistent symptoms, else there will be point of no return. Other problems include dizziness, airway blockages, losing sense of smell or depreciating voice quality for which you should go to the ear, nose & throat specialist.

Do ENT specialists provide home consultations?

Thanks to the pandemic, many ENT specialists are now offering online consultations as well. As far as home consultations are concerned, once again it is specific to the problem one is facing as diagnosis of some problems need high-end technical devices or equipment while others can be easily solved with a simple prescription. Home consultation is a call for an ENT Specialist to make, i.e., some doctors may provide home consultations while others may not. Thus, be specific while choosing an ENT specialist & make it clear whether or not s/he can provide home consultations, especially for senior citizens.

How much does it cost to see an ENT specialist in Thane?

The cost of seeing an ENT specialist is highly fair with very affordable consultation fees of INR 200 to 1000. However, the cost of your treatment is highly specific to the problem one is facing. Most ENT surgeries range somewhere between INR 40,000 to INR 60,000 but the more complicated surgeries can cost up to INR 200000 as well. Please note that the cost of treatment may include other expenses such as medications, diagnostic tests or in case of surgery, pre-surgical prescriptions, post-operative care & hospitalisation charges. You can find all information related to the pricing of ENT specialists in Thane at one place by visiting website.

Can an ENT specialist perform surgeries?

Yes, an ENT specialist can perform many surgeries such as sinus surgery, sleep apnea correction surgery or corrective breathing surgery. Other surgeries related to thyroid & throat problems that can be performed by an ENT specialist include parotidectomy, thyroidectomy or para thyroidectomy (removing thyroid gland portion to reduce swelling). Ear surgeries comprise of tympanostomy (ear tubes in eardrum), tympanoplasty (eardrum repair) & stapedectomy (stapes bone implant). Nasal procedures of surgical treatments are Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Rhinoplasty (shaping nose) & nasal valve reconstruction. Larynx surgeries involve injecting collagen material in the vocal cord & laryngoscopy for removing abnormal growth in the larynx.

How do I find an ENT specialist in Thane?

To find a good ENT specialist in Thane, you can either contact any friends in Thane for recommendations or find the listings of available doctors for consultation online in various websites. It is important to make sure that the doctor you are going to consult is adequately qualified & certified. Some websites for instance also present the information about the doctor’s experience & educational degrees for discretionary evaluation. The choice of hospital may also affect other factors such as the cost & time of the treatment. One last point is that it is the nature of one’s problem which should direct your search for an ENT specialist in Thane.

How to choose an ENT specialist in Thane?

If you are confused about which ENT specialist will be the best for your case, then you may consult your general physician & then s/he can refer you to a suitable ENT specialist. You can also read reviews online which can help you get a better picture about everything from the conduct of the nursing’s staff or communication with the doctor. The location of the doctor’s clinic & the consultation fees may streamline your focus for the specific physicians in your vicinity. If you are looking to shortlist doctors from the results of google search ‘ENT Specialist near me’, then can help you by providing ratings of doctors based on the feedback from the patients treated by these doctors.