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Wisdom Tooth Extraction With Close Nerve - Must Know!

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Dr. Anju Thomas 85% (22 ratings)
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Wisdom Tooth Extraction With Close Nerve - Must Know!

If the lower wisdom teeth are partially erupted but there is no sign of any decay or gum infection. Adjacent teeth are also healthy and intact. However, the x-rays showed that the roots of her wisdom teeth are tightly pressed against the nerve in the lower jaw. This nerve provides sensation to the lips and surgery to remove her lower wisdom teeth will carry a high risk of injury to the nerve which may, in the worst case scenario, result in a permanent numbness of the lower lips. As such, I recommended that leave the wisdom teeth alone and only remove them if they cause trouble.

The next option is not very commonly done but is a viable option for cases where the wisdom tooth is very close to the nerve and is painful. The crown can be cut off, leaving the root in the bone. This procedure, known as coronectomy, is gaining in popularity as the complication rate was found to be low. A study following 612 wisdom teeth that underwent coronectomy over five years found a complication rate of less than 1%. For patients with wisdom teeth that are pressed against the nerve, coronectomy is a viable option.

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