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Why Is It So Hard To Lose Weight?

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Dr. Hanish Gupta 91% (2001 ratings)
MBBS, DNB (General Medicine)
General Physician, Delhi  •  17 years experience
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Hello friends,

Welcome to lybrate to watch my video. Today I am going to discuss a very important topic with you. The topic of why it is so difficult to lose weight.

Many of my patients come to me and they have this pertinent question which keeps on rising day by day that ' Doctor I am trying everything which I can do as far as diet is concerned, exercise is concerned. In spite of all these measures I haven't been able to lose weight that I would like to lose.'  Well friends , this question would be best addressed if I give you the right quantum of advice and the mechanism behind the reasons because of which weight loss is such a difficult proposition for the human body.

You all are aware that all of us have got a very specific temperature, beyond this temperature we feel feverish and below this fever, below this temperature, we start feeling hypothermia. So body has got a thermostat installed in itself because of which only a specific temperature suits the body. The normal temperature is set for every human being and that is why that normal is what doctor is seeking as far as the temperature is concerned.

In a similar manner the body has got an osmostat, the problem with osmostat is that the body decides on itself what is the proper way which is applicable for a particular human body. So our bodies are accustomed to a particular weight, a person who has got a weight of 80 kgs and want to lose it till 60 it is so difficult for that person to lose weight because the body thinks that if you are losing weight you are under stress and it tries to bring you back to the same level of weight which you are presently or currently rappelling with.

So to say it in a very simple manner , a person who is at 80 kgs of weight would find it very difficult because the body would not let itself to lose weight because of the osmostat start mechanism. The body will not let you lose weight because it thinks , but if you are losing weight you are actually becoming more and more sick. The trick is not to lose the weight too fast.

All these health programs the diet regiments you try to follow they all recommend loss of weight as quickly as possible.The problem is , the moment you start losing very quickly you will gain the weight as quickly as ever in the same manner which you have lost the weight. If you want to trick your body , you will have to slowly and slowly bring down the metre of the osmostat and you will have to understand that losing 500 grams or 1 kg in a month is a much better position to stay healthy and fit and lose weight on a forever basis rather than try to lose weight quickly and then thinking that I would not gain that weight ever again.

So the idea is to trick your body and if you want to trick your body , then please remember that you will have to lose weight on a step-by-step basis and in a very relaxed manner in which you are losing weight consistently slowly on the basis of around 500 grams to 1 kg every month. That is the surest method by which you will be able to reset the osmostat of the body and forever remain thin and lean, a body which you desire.

My name is Dr Hanish Gupta and I am your friend here at lybrate. You can catch me at lybrate, tag me at lybrate and you can always catch me at my Mayur Vihar Clinic Delhi. Thank you for watching.


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