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Why Go For Hip Replacement Surgery - Know The Benefits!

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Why Go For Hip Replacement Surgery - Know The Benefits!

Human bones are continuously being removed and formed which is necessary for its proper maintenance. However, in certain cases, especially with aging, some bones and joints will be worn down to an extent where the body will not be able to reform them. This is especially true in the case of hips which may become worn due to age or other problems within the body.

Hip replacement surgery-

When this happens, a hip replacement surgery can be performed to replace the original joints with a prosthesis or artificial hip which is usually made out of metal alloy or a specially formed composite material or even a combination of the two. Along with other parts, it replaces the natural hip with an artificial hip to restore mobility and other related functions.

Benefits of hip replacement surgery:

1. Lessening hip pain - This is one of the major factors as well as symptoms of requiring hip replacement surgery. Due to the grinding down of the bones, even the slightest movement causes pain and after the surgery and the recovery period, the pain is lessened.

2. Correction of bone deformity - When the bones grind down and are abnormally reformed, deformities may occur reducing mobility. Artificial hips will ensure that deformities are corrected and resulting problems are thus eliminated.

3. Return to normal activities and resumption of normal activities - This is possibly one of the primary advantages of this surgery, although it entails a long recovery period. However, most patients can get back to their normal activities and are able to resume a pain-free life.

4. Ability to have painless sleep - Many persons who have hip arthritis or AVN (avascular necrosis of femoral head) or other congenital hip anomalies are not able to sleep properly due to pain mainly at night (night cries). But after surgery and recovery period then can get rid of that night cries and have sound sleep.

5. Leg strength increase - Many patients tend to have an increase in their leg strength as one side of the hip tends to become very weak due to bone problems before surgery. After surgery and recovery, the same side tends to have an increased strength due to the implant.

6. In most cases, a lifelong solution to hip problems - As the hip prosthesis are made up of metal alloy and if surgery is done by proper technique by trained surgeon, it tends to last for life long, as it usually doesn’t tends to have any problems if all post operative instruction about life style changes given by the doctors is been followed properly.

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