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Weight Loss: Common Myths Debunked

Written and reviewed by
B.Sc - Home Science, MSc - Nutrition & Food Processing, MSc - Food Production Management
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai  •  11years experience
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Hi Everybody!

I am Shweta from Shweta’s Holistic Nutrition. I am a Dietician by profession. I have done my graduation in Dietetics and masters in Nutrition and Food Processing and also second masters in Food Production Management. I have had a lot of experience in the food industry as well as working on nutrition and nutrition facts panel which goes on all your label. So today I am going to talk about all the myth what are there related to food and food products. Okay, the four myths that I am going to talk about are- Deleting fats completely from diet would make you thin. The second myth is eliminating potato and egg from the diet would make you thin. Third myth is only having one meal in a day would make you thin. The fourth myth is if you had a cheat meal or something, your diet is completely gone for a toss. You cannot do your diet again. So I am going to explain you more in detail. First myth that you have to delete fat from your diet which people usually have when they're on a diet plan, which is not true.

You need fat since they are essential fatty acids which are required for your fat soluble vitamins in your body. So you really require the fat, but in how much quantity which is very important that's why we are here to guide you. You need at least 3 teaspoons of fat and which fat also is the question what people nowadays have. Any kind of natural fat is very good one is Olive oil, Canola oil or you could have Coconut oil which is very good but in a approximate quantity. Also fat coming from natural sources like nuts and seeds and also animal and animal products are very good for your health but again the quantity is very important to keep in mind. We’ll talk about the second myth, it's about that having potato and egg is not good for in your diet and it will make you put on weight.

First of all egg is a very good source of protein and a good fat, egg and potato both have 80 calories each and egg yolk has 50 calories and egg white has 30 calories so that in combination egg white has lot of protein and the egg yolk has a good cholesterol which in total is very good for your health. The form of cooking of egg is very important which is either steam or poached or any like in boiled form. You cannot have fried egg because the nutrition is completely gone also with potato it's very good source of carbs which is really required for energy. Potatoes you can have but in the form of boiled potato, fried potato or french fries or any junk processed potato is not good for you.

So that should be completely avoided. Let's go to the third myth which is- If you having just one meal in a day would make you thin. In fact starving and not having any meals would decrease your metabolism which in return would increase the fat content in your body. Also not having for a longer duration of time and just consuming one meal and the body was not used to it, so that calories body will not be able to process properly and convert into fat. So it's very important to keep your metabolism active you have to have small meals to keep it up with the metabolism. Now we’ll go to the fourth myth, that is if I had a cheat meal, my diet is gone for a toss. That's not true you can binge eat, you can have, you should not feel guilty about it. But what to keep in mind after you have binge eat.

If you have binge eat or had any kind of like favourite dessert ice cream, you've overdone on it you can keep in mind that next day you going to have a very light meal, you're not going to overeat on any of the meals. Maybe you could have a bowl of soup or you could have a sandwich or you could have boiled broccoli or mushrooms in your diet so that you can balance out all the cheat eating what you did the previous night. All I want to tell you guys is don't focus on how much do you eat focus on what you eat is very important. If you want to know more about health and nutrition or won't go for a weight loss diet or for weight gain or any health related issues you can consult me and book an appointment through Lybrate.

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