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Vitamin D Deficiency - Are You Ignoring These 7 Signs?

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Vitamin D Deficiency - Are You Ignoring These 7 Signs?

If you are constantly getting sick, feeling tired without reason, or are prone to bone fractures, then it is the proper time to check the amount of vitamin D in your body. If you have vitamin D less than 30 nanograms per deciliter, then it shows that your body lacks vitamin D. Here are the eight symptoms of vitamin D deficiency that you should not ignore

  1. You always feel tired: You may eat healthy diet, follow a healthy lifestyle, or have a good night sleep, but you still feel tired at all times. Well it may be an indication that your body is not having sufficient amount of vitamin D. Taking vitamin D supplements or including foods that are rich in vitamin D will allow you to overcome your chronic tiredness.
  2. You feel depressed: You are feeling depressed lately, still you ignore it and not take proper action can further decrease the levels of vitamin D in your body. Involve yourself in doing simple workouts, meditation, yoga, etc., will allow you to feel relax.
  3. You have a constant sweaty forehead: Almost everyone faces a littel sweat on their forehead and wipe it away without giving it a thought. However, you should know that it is one of the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. 
  4. You feel bone and muscle pain constantly: Constant muscle and bone pain is a sign that your bones are losing their strength and is an indication of deficiency of vitamin D. 
  5. You experience sexual problems: You may be quite healthy and have the required energy and mood to involve in your sexual activity. However, you are not getting a firmer erection to perform better in your bed. This can be due to lack of vitamin D in your body. Thus, you should be careful and not ignore it, discuss it with, both your partner and doctor for the right treatment. 
  6. You are susceptible to bone fractures: Vitamin D plays a vital part in strengthening your bones. Therefore, take vitamin D supplements to make your bones stronger.
  7. You are deprived of sleep: Vitamin D deficiency can be the reason behind your sleep deprivation and as it is closely associated with sleep apnea. It is a serious disorder as it affects the flow of oxygen to your brain and to your other body parts. 

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