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Vaginal Discharge

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I am Dr. Masooma H Merchant, Gynaecologist. Today I will talk about vaginal discharge. Watery, whitish, non-irritating and odour smell discharge is normal. A very common problem is leucorrhoea. It means an excess of normal vaginal discharge. Its symptoms are hard brownish discharge. It could be related to the cervix or the vagina. Leucorrhoea is seen at the time of the puberty. Another problem happens at the time of the ovulation period. Leucorrhoea also happens at the time of pregnancy and sexual excitement. But this also helps at the time of the intercourse.

If there is the cervical polyp, cervical erosion or any infection also causes leucorrhoea. It can cause pelvic congestion and retroverted uterus. For treatment, we ask the patient to maintain general hygiene. We have to tackle the high estrogen level. So, we give pills to the patient which contains less estrogen amount. In the case of the polyp, polyp incision is required.

We burn the erosion around the cervix so that a healthy layer will form. Patients have the complaint of irritant, itching or a foul smell discharge called abnormal vaginal discharge. It causes greenish & yellowish discharge and given intense itching over the place and if we check the PH, it is more than 5. So, we treat this problem with the help of medicines. Another problem causes fungus infection. This infection is most common. But in this case, PH is less than 4.5. this is called candidiasis.

Another infection is bacterial vaginosis. It gives greenish or greyish kind of discharge. It is a watery kind of discharge. Another discharge is a chlamydia infection. It gives whitish and thin discharge. It is necessary to do a vaginal examination. We diagnose it with pap smear. With the help of this, we can come to know about the infection. Hormonal issues can also cause this problem. It gives us the better idea that how to plan for the treatment. Only after having the look of these infections treatment can be planned. If you want to know or discuss about your problem, you can contact me through Lybrate.

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