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Urine Colour - What's Normal & What's Not?

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Urine Colour - What's Normal & What's Not?

Human urine is a useful tool for the diagnosis and detection of several health conditions. The colour, smell and density of your urine can reveal a lot about the state of your health. Colour, especially, is a strong determinant of many ailments or concerns.

Here is a list of the health conditions you might be suffering from, based on the colour of your urine:

  1. Straw colour to transparent yellow colour: This urine colour signifies that your body is healthy and perfectly hydrated. This should be the normal colour of urine, which shows you are in good health.
  2. Transparent or clear: Transparent and extra clear urine indicates that you have drunk too much water, which leads to the transparent appearance. It happens due to overhydration.
  3. Dark yellow colour: This shade of urine is considered normal, but it may indicate some amount of dehydration. You need to drink more water to eliminate the darker yellowish tinge from your urine.
  4. Honey colour: Urine of honey colour signifies dehydration and you must consume increased amounts of water.
  5. Pink or red colour: Your urine may have a pinkish red shade when you consume foods like carrots, beets, blackberries and rhubarb. This may also happen due to the effect of some antibiotics or a drug which treats urinary tract infections. The presence of blood in your urine is indicated by these colours too, and it can lead to kidney diseases, UTI, prostate problems or tumors.
  6. Orange colour: Your urine may have an orange colour which resembles the colour of orange soft drinks. This occurs as a result of a high dose of vitamins and several antibiotics. This colour may also indicate dehydration or problems related to the kidney or bile duct.
  7. Blue or green colour: Such shades may be present in your urine because of dyes present in food items and medications. Your urine may turn blue or green, signifying several other medical conditions which require immediate medical attention.
  8. Foamy: If your urine has a foamy appearance, irrespective of the colour and shade, you need to consult a doctor. The consistent foamy or frothy appearance of your urine may indicate the presence of protein in your urine, which further signifies problems in the kidneys.
  9. Maple syrup colour: Urine of this shade indicates a severe case of dehydration or liver diseases.

Your urine tells a lot about your health by its colour, odour and density. The colour is an essential determinant for detecting several health conditions, which may be simple or chronic in nature. In case of abnormal urine colour or appearance, you should consult a doctor without delay.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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