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Undescended testis:Must know this

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Dr. Abhijit Misra 89% (165 ratings)
MD - Paediatrics
Pediatrician, Kolkata  •  10 years experience
Undescended testis:Must know this

Ideally, undescended testis should be surgically replaced before 1 year of age .

After birth if testis is not in the sack then chances of malignant changes increase with every passing month.

Initially, hormonal therapy may be attempted but if no descent then surgery recommended before 1 year age.

Surgery+hormonal therapy us the best approach to management.

Risk with No Descent of Testis
*Risk of testicular malignancy*this persists to some extent even after descent
*Risk of infertility
*Psychological distress to the child

Successful detection before puberty though doesn't decrease risk of malignancy but helps in detecting changes if any easily.

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