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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Understanding Natural Conception

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Dr. Ruby SehraIVF Specialist • 36 Years Exp.MD / MS - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, MBBS

Hello friends!

Today I’m going to tell you about how natural conceptions take place and what the pre requisites for the conception are. 50% of the part is played by the male and 50% of the part is played by female. What we require in the female is you can understand the uterus the tubes and the ovaries and the male in male what we require is sperm count of at least 60 to 1 million per ml and motility of 40%. In female these are the female reproductive organs, you can see uterus and the right and the left tubes and ovaries.

Every month when you ovulate when you start having your period’s one of the egg is selected out of the millions of eggs in your ovaries. One of the egg which is normally 0.005ml increases to size to up to 24mm within 10 to 14 days of your periods. Once it reaches a 24mm size this follicle has a pressure trigger pressure due to which this follicle ruptures, It releases its eggs. The egg which is picked up by the tube and the part which is left behind is the corpus luteum.

This eggs forms a baby, corpus luteum forms hormones to support the pregnancy. Once it has been thrown into the peritoneal cavity, the tubes picks it up or sucks it up and goes into the fimbrial end of the tube. Once it is reached to the tube then if you have intercourse then the sperms are deposited here. Millions of sperms in the semen they have the veg’ing tails they also travel to the uterine cavity and you can see it travels through the tube and they also reached the fimbral part of the tube.

One of the sperm out of millions of sperms enters into the egg and this fertilization take place. This fertilization induces a rapid division in the cell and from one cell to 2 to 4 as well as it forms a ball of cells and side by side it is transported from the tube to the uterus. What happens in the once it reaches a uterus the endometrial cavity which is already formed a carpet further the embryo, embryo buries into the endometrium and then it starts developing further like this from the various shape and finally the baby reaches into your lap.

So what we require from the female is that she should have normal ovary which is ovulating every month and she should have tubes which is patent so as it can transfer the sperms it can pick up the egg and then it can fertilize the egg and side by side which should be able to transferred because of its cilia. It should be able to transferred the embryo from the tube to the uterus and you can understand that this endometrial lining should also be thicker enough that is around 10mm thicker enough so that the baby can implant inside a endometrial cavity nicely.

With the help of the video I will just demonstrate how the egg is ruptured? How the tubes picks up the eggs? How the sperms travel through the tube? And how this baby is formed? And then finally transported to the uterine cavity. You can see the sperms are entering in the uterine cavity and finally they are travelling towards the tube to meet the egg which is already lined in the fimbral part of the tube. Millions of eggs they are touching the eggs but only one of them is successful to penetrate this egg.

Once the sperm has entered into the egg this embryo forms is travelling. You can see this travelling through the tube to reached the endometrial cavity where it implants itself and will finally forms a baby in the uterine cavity. This is the division of the cells. This embryo being transported from the tube to the uterine cavity. The endometrium has already laid a carpet where it burry itself and finally grow. You can see the egg has buried inside the carpet which is being laid by the tick endometrium. So I have explain you about the conception. In case you have any queries related to your conceptions please contact Progeny AN IVF-ICSI center at Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi.


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