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Treatment Of Acne Scars

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I am Dr. Navjot Singh Arora, Dermatologist. Today I will talk about acne scars. Acne is the condition of teenage and between the age of 20-30. Acne occurs on the face causes red pimples, yellow pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and sometimes modules. If not treated properly, it can leave scars. Depression in the skin which is irregular in the shape and size. So, for this different sort of treatment modalities are available. For very superficial scars with very mild depression, chemical peels and medical treatments can suffice is some patients. But in a few of the patients, it can give deeper scars. And in some minimally invasive procedure has to be done. There are various treatment modalities which can be used to treat acne scars include derma roller treatment, fractional co2, Nd:Yag laser treatment and micro needling radiofrequency treatment. The treatment plan will be decided by the Dr who will assist you for the treatment. These treatments are the most advanced treatments. But they have a downtime of 5-7 days after performing the treatment.

Downtime means after performing the treatment, your skin may look red, bruised, some crust on your skin which will be fine after 5-7 days. After doing the session, you will have to take the proper sun protection. It may be noticed that 4-6 sessions of these modalities are necessary for a good improvement in scars. Scars can never be 100% removed but they can definitely be reduced at a certain extent which is mostly acceptable by all the patients. Patients generally get confused that which treatment modality should be chosen for treating their acne scar. The patient can still know the different modalities in the treatment so that it becomes easy for them when they go to the Dr's clinic. In derma roller, it is a pure mechanical treatment which involves micro needling of the skin after the application of topical numbing cream. In fact, the topical numbing cream is required in all such kind of treatments. It is kept for generally 1 hour before starting the treatment. Since derma roller is a mechanical treatment, the treatment results are very slow and it is more painful than the other modalities. 2nd, laser treatment is the best treatment because it can penetrate deeper and its energy will be released as per the depth of the scar. The downtime is definitely more in co2 laser as compare to derma roller. Co2 laser downtime will be around 7-10 days while derma roller 1-3 days.

In recent years, new technology has come up which is known as micro-needling radiofrequency. This machine has a pro with lots of microneedles and when we insert it onto the patient skin then it also emits electric energy so that the 2 mechanism combines and produces the great breakdown of the scars tissue. Cost wise, derma roller is definitely cheaper than micro needling radiofrequency and laser treatment but these 2 treatments are much effective than derma roller. So, the acne scars will definitely be reduced. But the treatment has to be continued for at least 4-6 sessions or sometimes, even more, depending upon the treatment modality, the depth of the scar, size, and shape of the scar. During the course of the treatment, you should strictly abide by the instruction of your treating dermatologist. So, that risk of complications can be minimized. And the effectiveness of the treatment can be increased. One of the most important parts if proper sun protection. So, I hope this video motivates you to take the right step in the treatment of acne scars.

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