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Diploma in Venerology & Dermatology (DVD), MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
Dermatologist, Patna  •  12 years experience
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Hi, my name is Dr Jyotirmay Bharti, dermatologist and cosmetologist at skin radiance clinic, Gurgaon and visiting consultant at Max hospital sake and paras hospital, Gurgaon. Today I am going to talk about a very common topic hairfall, which is very common in males and well as females.

Hairfall is very depressing, in males especially which is one thing they find very dear to them and they feel that this is the only asset they have so when they visit us they are very depressed and sad and they feel like doing nothing and they feel like being useless in life so this problem can e very serious if not taken care of the right time. So I would suggest visit your dermatologist and take a simple small step towards the betterment of your hair. This is not very difficult to manage as we have many medicinal and non-medicinal thing.

Some biotin supplements which is very good for your hair, nail and skin that is recommended by your doctor to come to them and they will recommend you some vitamins, multivitamins because in male it is basically hormonal disturbances and in females it’s a deficiency, like iron deficiency, vitamin D deficiency, vitamin b12 deficiency all this is implicated in your hairfall. So come to your doctor they will recommend multivitamins. There are a few peptides which have been recommended and give very good results. It’s a long term treatment which takes like 5 to 6 months and it gives you overall very good hairfall control so not a difficult thing.

Just visit the dermatologist and take a good advice and take care of yourself. If you want to connect to me kindly visit

Thank you so much.


vitamin b1 deficiency
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