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Tinea Cruris - Causes, Symptoms And Homeopathic Treatment!

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Tinea Cruris - Causes, Symptoms And Homeopathic Treatment!

Tinea Cruris is also called as jock itch which is a type of fungal infection that affects a person's groin area who are mostly adult.

This disorder is caused by a fungus named as dermatophytes and it results into a circle around the affected area which resembles a ring. Severe irritation and itchiness can be experienced due to this and the affected area turns red. Sometimes the ring looks like a worm and therefore, many people term this infection as “ringworm”. Even though it is easily curable, the fungus may spread and affect other parts of the body as well or result into serious damage to the skin surface as well. Hence, proper medications and treatment should be opted for-

Causes- The causes of Tinea Cruris are very common and it can also contaminate if brought in contact with others.

Here are some of the causes of this disorder -

● The fungus grows on the skin which is moist and warm therefore affecting the people who tend to sweat a lot and also overweight.

● Tight clothing and hot weather can also lead to the development of this fungus in different areas of the body which does not stay cool.

● The fungus can be spread to other people if it is brought in contact by any medium such as towels, floors, toilet seats etc.

If a person does not takes a bath and clean him or herself for a long time, then the fungus tends to grow and spread on their skin.

Symptoms- The symptoms of Tinea Cruris are easily identifiable and therefore if you observe any of them, immediately visit a doctor and ask for good medication.

● Inflammation in the groin region, anal area, and also around the upper thigh.

● Slightly raised patch of skin might be observed.

● Dry or scaly blisters may develop in the above-mentioned areas which may also burst at certain times and may be painful.

● A very abnormally dark or light skin tone may develop in the affected areas.

● Skin redness or itchiness is very common.

So here are the potential symptoms that you must keep an eye for. The symptoms should not be neglected because the fungus may have a negative impact on your health and also around the surrounding skin areas.

Treatment With Homeopathy-

Jock itch can be easily treated with homeopathic medicines and other ingredients. Homeopathy creams and ointments made of different natural anti-bacterial ingredients are the best for this kind of disorders. The cream will eliminate the germs and fungus growth around the region which was causing such a problem. However, other homeopathy medicines can also be used to treat the affected area and give relief to the symptoms of Tinea Cruris.

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