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The Risks Of Extended Sitting!

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General Physician, Kolkata  •  29years experience
The Risks Of Extended Sitting!

Living a sedentary life can be dangerous, especially for young people. With the increased use of communication apps and office works, people are prone to sit more and walk less. But if you are someone who spends most of the day sitting and not moving then there are chances that you suffer from overweight problems, anxiety, type 2 diabetes, and early death.

Sitting all day and walking less can bring severe problems for you. The key to a healthy body is to make it move in the day time. Inducing walking, exercises, yoga, and a regular exercise regime can help you lead a healthy and sickness free life.

Sitting and its Effects on our Body -

Human beings have a body built and organs that work fine when in motion and active. With a more sedentary life, it is imperative that you will face health issues early in your life.

Our heart muscles and respiratory organs work only when we have active day chores. That includes walking and exercise. Even our bowel movements are affected by the decrease in an active lifestyle.

The long legs and hip muscles in human beings are meant for walking and running. With sitting more in the day time, they get weak and gets sore. This sizeable muscular structure works well with increased walking habits.

How to Save Ourselves from a Sedentary Lifestyle?

There are a few exciting ways in which you can make your life active and healthy. Just a little change in your lifestyle can give you happy years of health.

● Include more active work in your daily routine.

● Do not make a habit of sleeping during the daytime.

● If your office hours need you to sit more, make sure you walk at least five minutes every hour.

● Take a flight of stairs instead of the elevator.

● Park your car farther from your office space, and this will induce you to walk more.

The active life is essential not only for adults but also for kids. Kids and young people should be encouraged to work and play more. The parents may ask their kids to fetch store items via bikes or by walking. You can also ask your kids to carry stuff in small batches and frequent trips rather taking everything at once.

Living a sedentary life can give you serious health problems that include weight problems, stiff neck, and shoulders, and weak muscles. Doctors have proved that people sitting more often in the day time are more prone to heart attack and cancer. Sitting for long hours can have weak heart muscles. A study shows that people watching TV for long hours of the day have a higher risk of heart issues. All this can be stopped if you decide and start changing your lifestyle with walks and exercise.

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