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Text Neck Syndrome

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Hello friends!

My name is Dr. Amit Kumar Agarwal. Today we are going to discuss Text Neck Syndrome or Eye-neck syndrome. This term was coined by a US chiropractitioner Dr. D.L. Fishman. So what is Text Next Syndrome? It is nothing but repetitive stress injury to the neck and the associated muscles, ligament, nerves because of the prolonged use of mobile. We know that mobile is no more a device for data communication and voice communication. Nowadays people are using it for social networking, mobile banking and shopping. On average, an adult uses 2-3 hours daily over a phone which leads to the abnormal postures of the neck. What are the symptoms of the text neck syndrome?

You can have headache, neck pain which is radiating to your arms, shoulder pain, neck stiffness, heaviness. So these are the common symptoms. So what is the treatment? Prevention is the best treatment. So the idea of this video is to create an awareness of this entity so that people are aware of the harmful effects of prolonged mobile usage. It has been found in the study that when you bend your neck while using the mobile, in a 60 degree bending there is a five-time increase of the pressure of the neck muscles. So ideally the neck should not be bent too much while using the mobile and the mobile usage should be minimized as much as possible. If we don't treat this condition early it may lead to the severe malpositioning of the cervical spine, disc bulge and the cervical spondylitis and arthritis. So prevention is the best treatment and we should consult a Doctor if you get this type of symptoms as early as possible.

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