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Teeth Cleaning : The Right Way

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Dentist, Mumbai  •  12 years experience
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Various measures to maintain the right oral hygiene

Hi! I am doctor Diksha Batra from Smile Essentials, the topic for the day is a question that is usually asked, how do I keep my teeth, clean doctor? This is a common question so we decided to come up with 4 easy quick steps for you to look after your beautiful smile Step 1 is a simple thing called flossing but none of us really do it. Flossing is cleaning in between your teeth, it really becomes difficult to use a thread so we recommend a device which is called a disposable plastic. A disposable plastic is a simple device like a toothpick but it is actually better than that. So it is used to clean between teeth to solve all your problems with cavities, gum diseases or even bad breath. Once flossing is done all the loose food debris is dislodged and now you can move to step 2.Step 2 is brushing, all of us do recommend brushing twice a day, once in the day and once at night. We do recommend choosing the right toothbrush, it has to be a toothbrush with soft bristles.

We recommend using a motorized brush as the best mode of cleaning your teeth but if you are using a manual brush the bristles should be soft. We are often asked which toothpaste to be used? The toothpaste can be any toothpaste but it should have a gel component as well as a paste component to protect your teeth not only from cavities but also from gum diseases. Use fluoride which protects your teeth from cavities. Step 3 is tongue cleaning, this is one of the most important steps in prevention of bad breath. Tongue cleaning can be done with either a metal or plastic tongue cleaner just ensure that all the white deposit on the tongue is removed completely. These are the bacterial disease that causes halitosis or bad breath Step 4, of course, is mouthwash, use a diluted mouthwash with one cap mouthwash and one glass of water, make sure to use an alcohol-free product.

Besides these four points please ensure that you are replacing your toothbrush every 3-4 months and make sure that you rinse twice a day even if you can't manage to brush. Also ensure that you are rinsing after every meal, also make sure that you get a dental cleaning every six months to detect any new cavities and to even ensure that there is no gum disease. With this we say that these are the 4 simple steps to maintain 32 teeth and a beautiful smile.

This is doctor Diksha Batra once again from Smile Essentials.

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